Andrew Cullum in The Commercial Traveller

Once again, the multi-talented Andrew Cullum has fully thrown himself into rehearsals with The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company for their upcoming tour of The Commercial Traveller.

It is London, 1924, and rich and powerful tycoon and former East End barrow boy, Sir Arthur Cattermole, is not happy. His son, Gerald, whom he has spent his hard earned brass on to go to Eton, is in love with the girl next door, the beautiful Isabelle and daughter of hard up doctor, Cornelius Truss. So he sends Gerald to Africa to look after his cocoa business.  The young lovers, of course, are heartbroken.

Andrew will be taking on multiple roles, one of which is that of Albert. Devoted husband to Elsie, and loyal butler to Sir Arthur himself. ‎He tries to help in the impossible love problem, when things get out of control. Contrasting this is the creepy but cheerful Billy Lark. A funeral directors apprentice.

Funny, romantic and moving the play demonstrates the gritty determination to overcome an apparently unassailable problem through absolute love.

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