The Glass Will Shatter

Josephine Arden is Rebecca. An ex-School Teacher who is attempting to exorcise the ghosts of one particular past pupil. 

Rebecca still has nightmares about Amina and the unnerving events that unfolded in her classroom. Or is it Amina that still has nightmares?

Through a series of gripping flashbacks, an irreversible sequence of choices lead to an unexpected end, changing the course of both of their lives.

The world premiere of The Glass Will Shatter interrogates faith, belonging and polarisation within the school system – and the consequences of Prevent Policy on the quality of education in the UK today.

The Morning Star
North West End UK

During the rehearsal period, ITV London took a peak into the process and joined the discussion centred on identity, bias and the Prevent strategy.

Selected Reviews

“The play shines when Arden and Eno are on stage together, wrestling with semantics while attempting to settle grievances that had been buried in the past.” The Stage

“She also brings out superb performances from her cast. Josephine Arden really captures the complexity of Rebecca’s needs.” View From the Outside

“This gripping production starts a conversation about the role of faith and cultural identities in a school environment, and makes sure that this conversation is inclusive and accessible to a diverse range of voices.” Theatre Weekly