Ivy Lamont: 0758 1352 149

Accents: Standard English*, RP, Heightened RP, Cockney, Multicultural London English, Irish(Dublin),  Liverpool, West Country, General American, General Southern American. 

Languages: English

Bases: London, Margate

Singing: Alto, Jazz, Choral Singing, Some Musical Theatre Training 

Dance: Dance Trained, Ballet*, Contemporary* (Laban CAT Scheme), Jazz*, Musical Theatre*, Tap*, Commercial, Waltz, Salsa, Merengue, Charleston, Jive, Physical Theatre*, Corporeal Mime, Ensemble Theatre Instruments: None

Skills: Yoga, Snowboarding, Skiing, Sailing, Swimming, Puppetry, Clown, Commedia Del ArteDevising*, Writing, Immersive Theatre, Interactive Theatre, Stage Combat Pass (Unarmed, Rapier and Dagger) 


Remember! Please ask for roles that require eating meat. Please ask for anything requiring nudity.  My mum is American so I can do a good Standard American accent. 

I am dance trained

Kim Featherstone: 07773609202

Accents: General American, Southern American, Lancashire, Liverpool*, London, Essex, RP, Heightened RP

Languages: English

Bases: London, Lancashire, Merseyside

Singing: Soprano, solo, choral

Dance: Good mover, period dance.

Instruments: Guitar (beginner/intermediate)

Skills: Stand-up comedy, stage combat (basic sword and unarmed), great with kids, experienced children’s party entertainer, qualified Reiki practitioner, qualified Swedish Massage therapist,sales, life coaching, NLP, full DBS clearance


Please don’t sub me for any T.I.E, please don’t sub me for any adverts for fast food chains that promote meat eating unless specifically advertising a vegan/vegetarian product, I only perform nude professionally. No subbing for gambling commercials which exploit animals, e.g. horse racing. All other gambling stuff is fine.

Alice Robinson: 0777 988 7223 

Accents: RP, Heightened RP (Period), American-Standard, Cockney, Estuary, Essex, West Country, Hull, Southern Irish, South African. 

Languages: English

Bases: London

Singing: Solo, Soprano. Legit, Folk & Jazz.

Dance: Period Dance, Contemporary Dance, Some Tap. Expressive, Good Mover, but not Highly Skilled.

Instruments: Violin: Basic but working on it, Ukelele, Basic Piano (Chord Accompaniment).

Skills: Song Writing and Harmonies, Stage Combat (BASSC Unarmed/Sword and Rapier), Audience Interaction and Improvisation, Writer, Good Swimmer, Yoga, Trained Barista, Qualified Massage Therapist.


No driving license.

Nichola Woolley: 0770 786 3057 

Accents: Yorkshire*, American-Standard, American-Southern States, RP, Cockney, Lancashire Languages: English

Bases: London, Yorkshire (Barnsley/Leeds/

Scarborough), Leicester, Nottingham, Ireland (Cork/Galway) 

Singing: Mezzo-Soprano*, Choral Singing (sings with City Academy Songbirds), Musical Theatre 

Dance: Swing Dancing, Ballet, Contemporary 

Instruments: Learning to play the Piano

Skills: BASSC-Rapier and Dagger/Unarmed (distinction), Balloon Modelling, DBS clearance, Face Painting, First Aider, Fire Marshall, Sewing (hand and machine), Cycling, Swimming, Running (long distanced), Pool. Car driving licence. TIE, Corporate Role Play, Voice Over, MT, Role Play, Storytelling, Puppetry. 


Katriona Brown: 07800521571 

Accents: *Yorkshire, *Sheffield, London, East London,

Essex, general Scottish, RP, Heightened RP, general


Languages: English

Bases: London, Sheffield

Singing: Alto, character singer (4 octave range but don’t

know how to use all of it!)

Dance: good mover, dance training, physical theatre,

Instruments: flute

Skills: bull-whip, cycling, devising, driving, improvising, juggling, narration, painting, physical theatre, puppetry (muppet & bunraku), sewing, stilts, story telling, yoga, anything creative/making, immersive theatre



No TIE or touring community theatre.​


Jessica Dennis: 07960 446 334 

Accents: Estuary*, RP, London. Excellent ear for accents, can

do LOADS, so please ask.

Languages: English

Bases: London, Essex, Surrey, Brighton, Coventry Singing: Soloist*. Big, husky, alto voice. Best suited to jazz and folk, but can also sing MT etc. Strong harmony singer.​​

Dance: Good mover, please check for dance roles. Instruments: Ukulele to a good standard. Basic guitar and piano (check for these). Reads music. Good sight singer.

Skills: Shakespeare, physical theatre, impro, devising,

children’s theatre, harmony arranging, singing captain, multi-role, musical theatre, auto cue, accents & impressions.


For voice work contact Just Voices. 

Drives (badly). 

Josephine Arden: 07786582710

Accents: London*, RP, American, Yorkshire, general northern. GOOD WITH ACCENTS – PLEASE ASK. 

Languages: Basic French and German 

Bases: London

Singing: No thank you!

Dance: Enthusiastic. Athletic and sporty rather than dance-y. 

Instruments: None

Skills: Strong swimmer (open water and pool), distance runner (5km to

marathon) and XC, children’s theatre and facilitating, workshop leader,

yoga, horse riding, triathlon, audio (can sound very young).



Done Compare the Market (Meerkats) add

Full clean driving licence – not the most confident driver.

Annekoos Arlman: 0777 6420 549

Accents: American*, RP*, Dutch*, Heightened RP, French, German, Southern American. 

Languages: Dutch*, conversational French and German

Bases: London, Bedford, 

the Netherlands 

Singing: not so well anyone would pay me for it 

Dance: good mover (but not great with choreography),physical theatre.

Instruments: basic piano 

Skills: physical theatre, experienced corporate role-player, clowningchildren’s theatre, storytelling, devising, directing,teachingsewing, knitting, yoga, swimming, skiing


Only VERY short theatre jobs ATM. No jobs further than 2hrs flight. Partner Russell Anthony and identical twin girls Esmé and Isobel (dob 8-5-2017) also available for castings

Ceri Gifford: 07881922430

Accents: *RP, *West Country, *South Wales, London, Northern England, Scottish (standard), Standard American Languages: English

Bases: London, West Country (Somerset), Cardiff Singing: Alto, actor/singer (not MT solo), ensemble, choir (Some Voices)

Dance: Contemporary (AS level), modern (BTDA intermediate), tap (BTDA grade 3). Can still move well but not a dancer any more.

Instruments: Basic piano, plays alto sax but no sax available at the moment

Skills: Basic British Fight Certification in Stage Combat (silver award), red belt in kickboxing, basic boxing, Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI), good swimmer, physical theatre skills, devising skills, full clean driving licence, good ear for accents, versatile audio skills, inflexible but enthusiastic yoga practitioner


Welsh accent is as good as native. Works 1 st Weds in every month (PM) 

Kristin Duffy: 07957208280 

Accents: American-California, American-Midwest*, American-New York, American-Southern States, American- Standard, Irish-Southern, RP, Trans-Atlantic

Languages: English

Bases: London, Midlands (Stoke-on-Trent)

Singing: Character, ensemble, alto, good range

Dance: Good mover, Scottish Country dance, some basicballroom 

Instruments: Violin

Skills: Cycling, Indoor Cycling/Spin instructor,

Qualified/Insured Triathlon coach, Running, Swimming*,

Open Water Swimming*, Triathlon* Yoga, Presenting



TIE- no/please ask if amazing; vegetarian/pescatarian

Partner, Rob Whitmarsh happy to be seen as couple​​

Pamela Hall: 07966 521761

Accents: RP*, Heightened RP, Northern, Essex, London, Welsh(south),General American, Southern American, Canadian, French, French Canadian, German, others as required. 

Languages: Fluent French, Conversational German (rusty), some Spanish, some Italian

Bases: London; Montreal, Canada. (I have both UK & Canadian passports) 

Singing: Soprano*.G3-F6 legit, with belt to E. Excellent sight reader and soloist with professional choral ensemble.

Dance: Good mover, basic ballet, historical dance, some Ballroom 

Instruments: Piano (Grade 8+)

Skills: Ice skating/ice dance*; strong swimmer; qualified accredited voice coach on staff @ Laine Theatre Arts (DBS checked); Corporate & medical role play.



I teach Wed-Fri in term-times so will only go to castings for TV/Film/mega theatre on these days – though OK if the shoot is those days. No long tours please. No TIE.


Julia Faulkner: 07773 284 340 

Accents: RP*, American-New York, American-Southern States, American- Standard, Australian, Belfast, Birmingham, Cockney, English-Standard, Estuary English, French, Heightened RP, Kent/Sussex border, Lancashire, Scottish-Standard, Welsh-Standard. 

Languages: English, basic French

Bases: London (main), Nottingham, Tunbridge Wells, Oslo 

Singing: Character solo, ensemble, Mezzo Soprano

Dance: Good mover, Classical training, basic tap.

Instruments: basic piano 

Skills: Stage Combat (Foundation), English Language Teacher, LAMDA Teacher, hand & machine sewing, directing, medical and corporate role play, audio book reader, LGV driver,


Flexible and good for last minute castings/work. 

Vegetarian & non-smoker. Will wear swimwear but no nudity. Italian, German, Scandinavian, Mancunian and Yorkshire in the mix with Home Counties rural background. 

Anna Friend: 07710 043421

Accents: American-New York, American-Standard, Cockney, French, Irish-Southern, RP*, Scottish-Standard, West Country

Bases: London

Singing: Alto. Music Hall, Cabaret 1940’s songbook

Dance: Jive, Salsa

Skills: Golf (terrible but could tee off) Skiing (intermediate) Clean driving licence, knitting, good cook, cycling, comfortable with animals

Calum Littley: 07753 358458 

Accents: Hertfordshire*, RP, MLE, Liverpudlian, GEN Am, cockney 

Languages: English

Bases: London, Watford, Ireland

Singing: Ensemble and Solo, Baritone-Tenor.

Dance: Ensemble

Instruments: Piano

Skills: Stage combat unarmed- distinction, Rapier and Dagger-pass, Physical Theatre, Clown, improvisation, Devising, mask, Rugby, Running, Football, Swimming, Driving license, worked with Children/disabled/elderly.



Early afternoon auditions are better but my jobs are good and quite easy to move things around.​​


Charlie Maguire: 0776 538 2357

Accents: Mancunian*, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Bolton, Dublin, French, Heightened RP, Lancashire, Northern, RP Languages: English Bases: London, Manchester, Chester

Singing: Strong Baritone Dance: Period Dance Training at Italia Conti, Jive, Old Time Dancing, can move adequately and dance well but not a trained or skilled ‘dancer’

Instruments: Proficient Bass Guitar

 Skills: Barista (experienced), Chess, Comedy, Impersonation, Video Gaming, Stage Combat Trained, Great at Sketch Writing. Ambidextrous, Bartender, Chef (professional), Devising, Improvisation, Video Gaming

Remember!  No driving licence. Bisexual so please sub for LGBTQ+ work where appropriate. Please check for next day self tapes, works irregular shift patterns so not always available. Doesn’t drink, please check for alcohol adverts 

Will Beynon: 07939 198 066

Accents: Welsh – Swansea* American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Australian, Cockney, English-Standard, French, Heightened RP, Irish-Southern, New Zealand, Northern, RP, Scottish-Standard, South African, Welsh-Northern, Welsh-Southern (Note – Can pick up most accents with a little notice) 

LanguagesEnglish, Welsh Learner (Intermediate) Check with me before submitting for any Welsh language parts as I’m still learning 

Bases: (London, Cardiff, Swansea) 

Singing: (Strong Baritone Singer – Folk/Pop/Rock/Swing, Good Falsetto, Not Musical Theatre Trained but a strong voice and happy to go up for Musicals) 

Dance: (Period Dance Training at RCSSD, can move adequately and dance well but not a trained or skilled ‘dancer’) 

Instruments: Guitar (Highly Skilled) Ukulele  

Skills: Barista (experienced), Chess, Comedy Songwriting, IT Literate, Impersonation, Improvisation, Video Gaming, Badminton, Cycling, Rugby, Running, Skiing, Stage Combat Trained, Swimming, Weight Training Full clean car driving licence, Beatboxing (Vocal Percussion), Great at Sketch Writing. 

Jonathon Saunders: 0789 572 6382

Accents: RP*, American (ask), soft northern

Languages: English

Bases: Broadstairs, London, Derby

Singing: Character only, Baritone

Dance: None, physically fit

Instruments: None

Skills: Expert sailor, Cyclist, Good skier and swimmer, Full Clean Licence, skiing


VERY TALL, can be used for authority and comedy


Nicholas Gauci: 07521 742 892

Accent*Neutral/Standard English, RP, General-American, Italian, French, Iranian, Arabic (good ear for accents, please check for others)

Languages: English (first), Maltese (native), Italian/French/Spanish (basic), Arabic (basic) 

Bases: London, Malta

Singing: Bass-Baritone (to Low Tenor) – can confidently hold a tune, the odd solos & ensembles songs. Character songs. 

Dance: good mover, can (usually) pick up basic choreography

Instruments: Piano – Grade 6 (ABRSM)

Skills: Voice Artist/Narration, *Qualified Phonetics Coach, Improvisation, Confident Swimmer, Open Water, Yoga, Bodyweight Workouts, Bouldering, Armed & Unarmed Stage Combat (Foundation).Running, Swimming*,Open Water Swimming*, Yoga, Presentingexperience, workshopping with adults and kids

Remember! Full Clean Driver’s License (car, van & 4X4)

Adam Damerell: 0754 533 1934 

Accents: London* RP, Heightened RP, American Standard, Welsh and Scottish with notice. 

Languages: English

Bases: London, Plymouth

Singing: Base-baritone, not musicals standard. ‘Actor who can sing a little.’

Dance: No

Instruments: None

Skills: Great with kids, teacher of Shakespeare, Juggling (3 balls), Stage Combat (Foundation), Vastly experienced in commercials,

Strong swimmer, footballer, Presenting experience, Basic Medical Training, golfer.



Castings in the mornings and before 2pm as I teach drama

classes in the afternoons. Please check student films/tours.


Andrew Chevalier: 07779014547 

Accents: Cockney, Estuary, Liverpool, London, Midlands-West, RP*, Yorkshire 

Languages: English

Bases: London, Brighton, Canterbury

Singing: Tenor. Ensemble, solo, character

Dance: Some experience. Happy to follow basic choreography

Instruments: Rhythm Guitar

Skills: Vast experience in Voice Over, Writer/Script doctor,Presenting experience, Children’s Theatre, Great with kids,Puppetry, Stage Combat, Teaching/Delivering Training experience,Juggling (3 balls), Full driving license.



Please don’t sub me for tours.

Thursday and Friday castings need as much notice as possible. 

Oliver Hume: 0781 218 5622

Accents: RP*, Scottish, Irish (N&S), Welsh, American (N&S), Australian (Good ear so ask)

Languages: English, French

Bases: London, Warwickshire, Birmingham 

Singing: Solo, Ensemble, Character, Baritone,  High Tenor.

Dance: Good Mover, can pick up what I’m shown. Ensemble, Jazz, some tap. 

Instruments: Basic Recorder & Viola

Skills: Teacher of Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology, Good swimmer, Hill walker, Stage combat, sculling (rowing), sewing, crochet, archery.


Given 24 hours’ notice I can arrange things to be free for castings, but same day castings are tough.  I don’t drive.


Noel le Bon: 07952 875 364 

Accents: London*, RP, Home Counties, Berks/Hants/ Wiltshire (west country), Northern, Czech /Slavic East European, Italian, American (general) 

Languages: English, Czech (conversational)

Bases: London, Dorset, Liverpool, Bristol, Prague Singing: Soloist*. Baritone – Folky singer songwriter

Dance: Good mover, needs direction 

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele & Percussion (not drum kit) Learning Clarinet & Piano, and to read music.

Skills: Talking! Presenting (inc. AutoCue); Shakespeare,

Comedy, physical theatre, improv, Directing, Sound recording, Camera, IT etc.. background in Corporate IT and Sales training.. FA coach (u8s), Sports (Football, Cricket, Golf, Yoga…)



2 Kids: Eliza (born Sept.2009) and Arlo (Sept 2011)


Andrew Cullum: 07973 782067

Accents: RP* Estuary* West Midlands* American Standard. American New York, Norfolk, Scots, Welsh, Norfolk, Yorkshire

Languages: French.  Fluent enough for a script, but not to improvise.

Bases: Coventry 

Singing: Bass-Baritone

Dance: Can pick up dance steps quite well, but not  skilled dancer. 

Instruments: Piano and Accordion:  Self taught to a good standard. Have played both in shows.

Skills: Driving (Cars, Vans, Motorbikes) Spoken Word. Keen cyclist. 

Remember!​ Do not sub for The Crown​

Manchester castings are just as easy to get to as London.