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If you’re an actor looking for representation and you have found yourself here, then you’re probably considering co-operative agencies.

Our books are currently open. 

Good luck!

Read through these boxes and see if we might be a good match for each other! 

We would like our client base to accurately reflect the wider population. If you identify with any underrepresented groups, we would particularly love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the process and/or accessibility provisions.

All applicants must be on Spotlight and within reach of London for fortnightly meetings.

As well as providing excellent representation, our agency has a reputation for being one of the friendliest in the business and we foster a genuine community spirit. We encourage our members to do everything possible to help succeed in their careers through regular workshops, profiling nights and industry contact development. As a co-op we also offer very competitive commission rates.

What we are looking for in prospective members:

As well as being a talented actor you must also have an interest in being an agent! Office and phone skills are important, as is being computer literate, but most skills can be learned and we have a training programme for new members. You should consider carefully whether you have, or can develop, the skills and interest required to look after and manage the careers of other actors as well as your own.

Being a co-operative agency, we all share responsibility for the day to day running of the agency. The commitment required from members is approximately 3 days per month. Our office hours are 10am till 6pm. Attendance at the fortnightly meetings, as well as seeing the work of existing members, and new applicants, is also part of the commitment.

All members make financial commitments to the agency in the following ways:

  • An initial investment of £100 at the start of your three-month trial, to cover your training.
  • Commission. As a co-operative, our rates are lower than those typically charged by conventional agents.
    For live performance: up to 10%
    For recorded media: up to 12.5%
    We operate a sliding scale with reduced commission rates for lower paid jobs
  • As we work from home and have no rent costs to cover, we do not currently charge a monthly fee for membership.

If you are a skilled and dedicated actor who is interested in becoming a member of the agency, please email us at office@actorscreativeteam.co.uk with your headshot and link to Spotlight Page, along with a letter explaining why a co-op is right for you.

  • Do enclose details of any current or future work with your application. Give us plenty of notice!
  • Do have a look at our current members to ensure you are not a ‘clash’ with any of us – If you’re not sure, please do still write in!

We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can, and we will always do our best to see your work if you are in a production.

You may then be invited in for an interview and audition with members of the agency. We’ll want to know about you as an actor and as a potential agent, so have a think about the following points before attending the interview:

  • how you see yourself cast
  • what acting work you would and would not do
  • what you are currently doing to find work
  • what sort of non-acting work you do to support yourself, given the office day commitment we require
  • what skills you might bring to the agency
  • what your expectations are

Every application is discussed carefully by all members and this can take a bit of time. We will let all applicants know the outcome of their audition, be it positive or not. 

Email office@actorscreativeteam.co.uk to apply. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!