Contracts Overview

Whenever an ACT client accepts a job, whatever it is, paid, unpaid, theatre, TV, film, commercials, we should always ask if a contract is going to be provided.

When a contract comes into the office, please complete the following five steps:

  1. Read the contract.
  2. Compare the terms & conditions in the original breakdown with the contract and note any differences (it is particularly important that you do this, as the iCAN team will not automatically have this information!)
  3. File the digital copy in the job record in TagMin (there is a CAN/CONTRACTS file drop down menu, with a giant red UPLOAD/VIEW CONTRACTS button at the bottom. There is a window to drop, paste or browse files) and Client Contracts file in the Contracts & Negotiations team folder. If it is a hardcopy contract, scan and save in Client Contracts file as above.
  4. Make notes on the TagMin work record, including whether you’ve forwarded the contract on to iCAN team and any email trails between us and the production company. Make these notes in the ‘notes for client’ box –this way they will show up on the job sheet should we choose to print or email this.
  5. Fill in the date the contract was received from production in the Contract tab in the client’s job record.
  6. Forward the contract on to iCAN with your impressions, queries and notes.iCAN team may not be able to respond the same day, so if the production team needs an answer, it’s okay to say: ‘I’ve forwarded the contract on to our Contracts and Negotiations team and they will get back to us in the next 24 hours’.

In general, whenever a contract comes in for anyone, imagine that it’s you that has the job and think about what you would need/want to know.

A guide to Contracts

The following guide is provided to assist in understanding how contracts are dealt with by ACT. The contract is usually provided by the Production Company, rather than the Casting Director. It is important to know who the Production Company is, and who the main contact is. The Casting Director can usually provide this information and should be asked, as soon as a client accepts a job.Contracts can be any length and complexity, from a basic one page agreement to a full Equity style contract of many pages and clauses.