Invoicing for Recalls

  1. With a RECALL, you are not forced to add an Invoice On or After date -SO, it is very important that we make sure to add one at the point of entering the Recall.
  2. As a Recall is part of the Meeting record, which has no Invoice section –when it comes to creating an Invoice for a Recall only, we need to start from the main CLIENTS tab for the relevant client, scroll down to the INVOICES section and use the + button to add an invoice.
  3. You can import the SUB from here, and maybe add the word RECALL to the front of the production title. Then make sure you link the CONTACT and Invoice Payer (if different) and add the Recall fee and finish the invoice as normal.
  4. NB. We don’t charge Commission on Recall Fees (see Bottom Line Fees XL doc –Commission Cheat Sheet Tab)