The Meeting Preview Document

What is a meeting preview and how do I find it? 

The meeting preview is a live, googledoc that is created on the Tuesday after a meeting. It is used by attendees to update their comms/add in any IFDs, as a guide for the Chair and as a minute template for the Minute Taker. 

To view an upcoming meeting preview, you can follow the link on the Weekly Journal, or go to the Weekly Journal, click on the Blue striped icon in the top left of the screen and check if Preview exists for the date of the next meeting. If not, you need to create one. 

Meeting Previews should be generated:

  1. It is a task for the AOD to do on a Tuesday morning following a Monday Night Meeting

Meeting Previews should be shared:

  1. In the Weekly Journal
  2. On the Friday before a Monday Meeting, linked in the body of the meeting reminder email.

How to Create a Meeting Preview

  1. You need to create the Google doc:
    1. Open Weekly Journal, go to File –Open –Office-Admin–Meeting Preview-TEMPLATE
    2. File -Make a Copy –re-name as “Date” Meeting Preview –OK
    3. A new tab will appear. Rename the Title to “Date Meeting Preview”
    4. Edit the “Pre Meeting” body of the document to include Date, Zoom link (if audition), Chair, Working, Sabbatical, Apologies (if Known)
    5. Add Auditionees and link to CV
    6. Top right, click “Share” –Under the “Get Link” Section –Click on the blue writing “Change anyone with the link”
    7. After the option has popped up, to the left of “Anyone with the link” change to “can edit” –copy link –Done
  2. Go to the Weekly Journal
    1. Change the Date next to “Next Meeting Preview Doc” and make correct date
    2. Highlight the new date and add the Meeting Preview link as a hyperlink (highlight the text and press cmd/ctrl K)
  3. Log in to back end of ACT website
    1. If you are not logged in, a username and password box will appear
      1. Start to type ACT in the Username screen and the information will auto populate (If you are already
    2. If you are logged in, the Dashboard will appear looking like this:
  1. Select the home button next to the address bar, this will open the ACT links page
    1. Select Edit with Elementor (from just below the address bar). A new tab will open
    2. Select the Meeting Preview. On the left hand side you will see your editable options
    3. Paste the link into the box under the word link, replacing the previous weekly journal.
    4. Select Green “Update”
  2. Make a cup of tea

If all doesn’t go to plan, please call AKC who will be more than happy to help!