How to make a News Post Image

  1. Click on this link to open a the Powerpoint template document in a browser
  2. The last slide will give you an idea of what has been done before, and which you’re going to replace with your own. (There should only be one slide in the presentation at the end)
  3. Select Home tab –New Slide and then Blank
  4. Select Insert from top menu/ Pictures and then either:
    1. Select “This Device” if you have images on your computer or
    2. “One Drive”if the pictures are already in ACT docs (for example a client headshot from their client file) or
    3. Copy and paste from another website
  5. Design a slide*
  6. When happy with your creation, select the first slide (the old one) and hit delete.
    1. If you delete the wrong one just hit undo / ctrl-z
  7. Select File (top left)/Save As/Download as Images/Select Download
    1. Give it a name
    2. This is likely to be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer
    3. But will also probably be openable from the bottom of your browser window.
    4. Either way –select the file and ‘Extract All’ (PC) or ‘Open’ (MAC) to unzip the downloaded file
  8. Now open Actors creative docs in another window and drag the file into the relevant Client’s file
*The Design Icon can be found in the top right hand corder and looks like this