How to use Outlook 

We all have our own inboxes and our own way of using them, but when using the ACT Inbox, it is important that we all treat the inbox in the same way.

Below is a guide on how to use the ACT Inbox in the most clear and consistent way for all members. 

Outlook is where we house all the emails for office@atorscreativeteam.co.uk. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing amounts of agenting communications are done via email.

The IT team are currently reviewing how the Inbox is used and so this information may shortly change. 

First scan of the inbox… 

One of the first things you should do as outlined in the AOD Routine section of the manual is to check the inbox for anything urgent. 

What am I checking for? 

Any new, unread emails with subject headings that might be urgent.

Here’s a list of the sort of terms that are often used in time sensitive emails: Client’s Name, Casting, Audition, Self-tape request, Contracts, Project Name. 

Being sure to update TagMin and the Weekly Journal

If it’s urgent… 

Deal with it! Let your fellow AOD know and crack on with booking in that self-tape or checking over the contract and sending it to iCan. 

If it’s not urgent… 

Make a note to deal with in during the day. Mark it as unread so you and your fellow AOD can get on with time sensitive work.  

Throughout the day… 

Keep an eye on the inbox and keep responding, letting your fellow AOD know what you are dealing with and what else needs to be dealt with. Support each other by clearly dividing up who is dealing with what. There is a section in the Weekly Journal called “To-dos” to help you communicate this to one another. 

Focussed and Other 

Outlook is divided into 2 inboxes, Focussed and Other. The Focussed inbox should contain all our most important emails. The Other inbox tends to be where newsletters and promotional emails go. We currently have an opt in system for emails to do with headshots, reels, workshops etc. Forward these out to the ACT Spam Opt In group and then move them to the Opportunities and Offers folder. 

Other Automatic Folders… 

Our emails have been trained to put Spotlight Breakdowns automatically in their own folder. Any emails sent through TagMin also filter into their own folder. 

Searching the inbox… 

You can search for specific people, addresses or words within an email to find information from previous emails. As we usually perform AOD duties three times a month, we often have to route around for current information. The search bar will help you do that. 

Are there old unread emails? 

Find them and check if they’ve been missed and what needs actioning

Mark as read if there is nothing to action.

Don’t forget to check the Junk! 

Occasionally important emails get caught in the Junk Folder, be sure to have a quick check. 

Do we ever delete emails? 

You can delete anything that is outright junk. Otherwise, please leave everything in the inbox, marked as read once it’s been actioned. 

By the end of the day… 

There should be as few unread emails as possible, including those in the ‘Other’ inbox. The only emails marked unread should be things that you were unable to deal with that day. Making sure to set any relevant tasks and to make clear in the WJ what needs to be actioned by the next day’s AOD. 

When sending emails… 

“New Message” is written in a blue in the top left-hand corner if you want to write a new email. There are various shortcuts to send an email to the right people. If you select the address bar next to the word “To” in your new email, you can input an email address. If you type “ACT” a list of groups of email addresses will appear. One to go to everyone in the agency (simply called ACT), and the rest that are team specific. 

If you are emailing ACT members, be sure to sign off with your initials!

If emailing someone outside the agency, be sure to sign off with a name. If the email is regarding you as a client and you are uncomfortable with signing off, ask your fellow AOD if you can sign off as them and make that clear on the Weekly Journal. 

What to do when we get… 


Put the information into TagMin and contact the relevant client to let them know. Making sure you use the contact preferences, keep trying until you get a confirmation from the client. 

Should I respond? 

Read the email carefully, if they have asked you to confirm, be sure to do so. If you can’t get confirmation from the client and the casting director needs a response, you can let them know that you have contacted the client and will confirm asap. Not every self-tape request will require confirmation, so use your common sense to gauge when this is necessary. 

A Job Offer…

If you receive an offer or confirmation of a job, put the information into TagMin and contact the relevant client to let them know. Making sure you use the contact preferences, keep trying until you get a confirmation from the client. 

Should I respond? 

Once you’ve spoken to the client, respond accordingly, always remembering to update TagMin and the Weekly Journal as you go. If you cannot get hold of the client, you can respond thanking them for the offer, asking when we can expect a contract and letting them know that you are waiting for confirmation from the client. 

A contract … 

If you receive a contract, forward the email to iCan to get eyes on it as quickly as possible, then read it yourself, follow up your email with your thoughts and questions. Update TagMin, upload the contract and update the Weekly Journal. 

Should I respond? 

Reply by saying thank you for the contract, we have passed on to our Contracts team and will respond with any queries asap. When iCan, with the help of the AODs, have reached a consensus on a response (3 yeses from the iCan team for ALL correspondence) send off the approved response and make the relevant updates to TagMin and the Weekly Journal. 

An application or Show Invite… 

If you have some time, and receive any show invites, take a look and see if they look worth forwarding to Recruitment. If it’s an application and they haven’t mentioned co-ops, feel free to send a response explaining that we are a co-op and suggesting they look at the ‘Join Us’ section of the website. 

If you don’t have time, drag the email into the Recruitment folder of Outlook and mark it unread. The Recruitment team will take it from here.