Table of contents

How to Push a Client

Table of contents

Remember! Casting Directors are freelance like us (apart from BBC/ITV). They bid for jobs same as we do. They are part of the structure that allows the Industry to function. They are not deities.  You are contacting them as an agent representing your client. They need to see your client. It will help them do their job better. DO NOT APOLOGISE for contacting them.

What to do

  1. Follow up a Spotlight submission, with a particularly suitable client, directly to a casting director
    • Ask the client if there is anything they’d particularly like us to flag in the push
  2. Make notes in the Tagmin “Pushes” field in the submission
  3. Look at Tagmin notes on clients to see where they want to be working
  4. Plan your call as best you can
    1. If you leave a voicemail follow up with an email, linking the client’s CV and specify any relevant skills/experience
  6. Log the conversation in the Weekly Journal and the relevant CD?Theatre Company notes section in Tagmin
  7. If you need to follow up at a later date, set a task, making sure the notes on the CD/Theatre Comp page are clear and with your initials and the date.

How to do it

* In 2021, Tagmin introduced a “Pushes” notes field accessible in each Submission. Leave all correspondence notes here.

  1. Make sure you know your stuff.
    • Read notes on the CD in TagMin.
    • If there aren’t any, research and add some.
    • Know the programme/part the client wants you to ring/email about.
    • Familiarise yourself with their CV, making notes of any relevant experience/skills 
    • Tell the client what you’re planning to flag and ask them if there is anything they’d particularly like us to flag in the push. Work as a team!
  2. This is like a sales contact and the techniques are similar – however you are not cold calling, nor are you trying to sell them anything, you are trying to help them do their job better!  It is a totally standard industry practise. 
  3. If this is a phone call and you are nervous
    • Make some SIMPLE notes with the essential details (including our phone number in case they need to call back).
    • You could try standing up to make the call – you breathe better and will feel more confident.
    • Have a pen and paper handy to take a note of who you spoke to and what they said
  4. Remember to be passionate about why our client is ideal for the role and needs to be seen.
  5. If they ask you to follow up with an email, do it straight away
  6. Make relevant notes in Tagmin under the clients’ notes, CD notes or Theatre Company notes with your initial and the date.