Receiving a Contract

Once an offer has been Transferred to a job, this becomes the centralised area of all information pertaining to that job. From here you can add and amend dates, contracts and invoices and continue to make detailed notes in the ‘Agency Comments’ section on the job.

What to do

  1. Forward email to the ican team
  2. Reply to the email from the Contact to thank them for the contract and to let them know we have passed it to the Contracts team
  3. Save Contract to two places
    1. ACT Docs/Client Files/Contracts
    2. Upload Contract to specific Job on Tagmin
  4. Also in Tagmin, in Can Contracts,
    • find Received from Production and click and add date
      • Also “Sent to Client” = Sent to ican for our purposes
    • Make notes in “Agency Comments” to say who received from
  5. Add receipt of contracts to Weekly Journal in all relevant sections
  6. Read the contract fully and note anything of interest
    • Add any of your thoughts to the ican discussion
  7. Send any questions or suggested amendments back to the Contact
  8. Save any amendments from the Contact in the Client Files/Contracts Folder AND Tagmin
  9. When you have three YAY votes from ican, you can sign the contract on behalf of the client
  10. Upload a final and signed contract to Tagmin, deleting any previous un-signed versions (Keep previous versions in ACT Docs)

How to do 

Scheduled Dates: 

  • Once the offer has been transferred to a job, it’s time to get really specific. 
  • Use the scheduled Dates section to put in as many specifics around dates as possible. 
  • If creating a job record for a tour, you can input specific show dates for specific venues. 
  • This information helps us to stay on top of our clients’ movements for castings while they’re working and allows us to promote their work with more specificity to regional Casting Directors. 


  • Once you have input all the Job Information, this is a great opportunity to make some tasks to promote the project. 
  • Eg, do we have an air date for an advert or TV show, can we create a task to promote on Twitter and update the website? 
  • Do we have a Press Night or Opening Night to shout about? Make a task! 

If you would like to see an overview of all information pertaining to the job: 

  • Select the job from the Client’s TagMin job page. 
  • In the top right-hand corner select Job PDF 
  • TagMin will generate a PDF showing all the information that has been input re the job in one handy place! 

How to Sign a Contract on behalf of a client