Remittance Advice

A Remittance Advice is a proof of payment document. We deal with 2 types of Remittances at ACT.  

Incoming Remittance Advice – When we have been paid for work, we often receive a Remittance or Payslip from the company. You can read what to do with these here.  

Outgoing Remittance Advice –  Dawn processes all money received to the ACT account over the weekend. When a payment is made, she checks it against what is outstanding on TagMin, makes payment to the relevant client and marks this as paid on TagMin. She then creates a Remittance Advice for the client’s records, which is emailed as a PDF to ACT and the client. 

What to do 

  • Save the attached Remittance Advice to the client’s ‘Finance’ folder. 
  • See if DRS has asked for any other information or help. 

How to do

To save the Remittance Advice:

  1.  One option is to “save to One-drive” from the drop-down on the attachment – this will save it to the ‘Attachments’ folder on our One Drive 
    • Open One Drive from the ACT links page and select ‘My Files’ at the top left of the page 
    • Open the ‘Attachments’ folder and select the document you saved 
    • Right-click the three dots and select “Move-to” 
    • In the right-hand panel, navigate to the correct folder and click the blue “Move Here” button. 
  2. An alternative is to download the attachment to your own computer, 
    • Then open OneDrive and navigate to the client’s folder as above 
    • Select “Upload” from the top bar and choose downloaded file from your computer