ACT Website

In 2020, the ACT website was redesigned to reflect a modern feel, built with the page building software, Elementor. The purpose of the website is twofold: 

  1. Public facing: To be a shop window for prospective clients 
  2. Private: As a communication tool in password protected sections for us as agents 

The web address is: 

Public Facing 

The Sections of the website are: 

As Agents we are required to make sure our content is up to date, correct and relevant. As such we are all responsible for maintain the information presented on the website.  

Private Space 

The sections of the website that are currently set behind a password protected wall are: 


Each page on our website is built with a piece of software called Elementor, which allows us to add widgets such as text or video frames into our pages simply by dragging and dropping from a menu.   

If you would like to get to the back end of the website, you can log in here or from the links page.   

What will I have to do with it?  

An AOD will often have need to use the website. You may need to upload a News Post or update some wording/information. All information should be in this Online Manual but the IT team are always on hand to help.   

How to edit the website

If editing a News Post, please follow the steps in the article here.

  1. Log in to the back end of the website (The Dashboard) here (when you have opened this link, the username and password should auto populate for you)
  2. Open a new tab and navigate to the page you wish to edit on our website. You will now see you have options just below the address bar that you may not have had before logging in to The Dashboard.
  3. Select Edit with Elementor from the menu options below the address bar.
  4. Select the Widget (section) of the page you wish to edit, the menu will change on the left hand side
  5. Make any changes in the left hand menu
  6. Click Update at the bottom left of the screen when you have finished