AOD Office Routine

  1. Log into Zoom, with your fellow agent, fire up Chrome and start your day by deciding who will do what. 
  2. Open tab to ‘turn-on’ the office telephone
  3. Check Spotlight for any time sensitive subs. Click the Spotlight icon on the homepage  and scan the right hand side of the list, where you will see the closing date and time.  You will be refreshing the Jobs Feed throughout the day, so keep this tab open or  easily accessible. 
  4. Check Outlook Emails 
    1. Click on the Outlook icon on the homepage and scan through the inbox for any urgent matters, i.e client specific or ‘Urgent’, including a scan of our Junk for anything that looks real. 
    2. Any important emails/contracts? Deal with them. Communicate with your fellow AOD what has been responded to and what still needs dealing with. 
    3. Make notes in the relevant fields in TagMin and the Weekly Journal starting with the date and your initials. 
    4. Save any important attachments in the relevant Actor’s Creative Team Docs file. 
    5. Forward Shooting People if it has come in. This lets members know the office is alive and kicking! 
    6. You will be keeping an eye on the inbox throughout the day, so keep this tab open or easily accessible. 
  5. Open TagMin from the desktop and read through all of today’s large tiles and Tasks. Make a note of anything you will need to do today. Keep open throughout the day. 
  6. Read the Weekly Journal (open via desktop) to familiarise yourself with what’s happened this week so far.  
  7. Back to Subs. Keep open throughout the day. Remember, if you sub someone perfect, give them a push. See our tips on How to Push a Client!  
  8. If you have some time, do some Contact Development.
  9. At the end of the day make sure all emails and subs are read and actioned, if there were any that could not be read and actioned, set relevant tasks to make sure they aren’t missed.

Create new Tasks based on all your hard work to make sure it is followed up