Banking Cheques

  1. Is the cheque from an ACT client (ie training fees or monthly subs)? If YES, then leave in DRS folder and EMAIL DRS.
  2. If the cheque is payment for an ACT invoice, from a production company etc then:
    1. Find the related invoice through the client tab.
    2. Scroll down and find the ‘Paid?’ box and amend to paid, making sure you click outside the box so that it flashes green and you know it’s been changed.
    3. In the notes section, just below, make a note to say a cheque has arrived. Date and initial.
    4. Get the Santander Paying In Book from the top desk drawer. Fill in the amounts as per the cheque, and put the company name in the ‘Paid in by’ box. Make sure you note the back of the stub with the invoice reference. Remember to fill in the amount and company name on the back of the paying in slip as well.
    5. Put cheque and paying in slip in one of the prepaid envelopes in the drawer, and post.
    6. Email the Invoice Team (which includes DRS), with details of payment and confirmation it has been deposited, so they can do all the follow up. NB: Attach the original invoice to this email.g.Update Weekly journal and all necessary fields on Tagmin.