Bubble Subbing (Partner/family/flatmate etc.)


We have seen a big increase in castings and jobs that require you to work with a genuine friend, relative, housemate etc. 

In the event that you book a job that requires you to bring another human, we will act as agent for said human, negotiating their contract, arranging the job and dealing with invoicing. We will, therefore charge commission for this work, as we would with all ACT members. 

If your human is an actor and has their own representation, they can, at the point of audition, pass this onto their own agent. 

If your human would like to represent themselves in this work, they can opt out of our support at the point of audition. 

What to do 

  1. Use TagMin filter to check for relevant clients 
  2. Contact Client to see if they and their human want to be subbed for this. 
  3. Make the sub, flagging details/links of the client’s human in the submission. 

How to do 

1. Use TagMin Filter to search for available/appropriate clients. 

  • As well as searching for the usual availability, skills etc, you will need to use the Yes To function here. 
  • Find the Yes To box and search for ‘Family’ 
  • If you want to check if a specific client has a relevant human, you can find this on their client page. 
  • On the right hand side column, click ‘Additional Information’.  
  • Find the ‘Family available for castings’ section and see what it says. 
  • If they have humans with spotlight or other useful links, those links should be saved here. 

2. Contact client  

  • Check their Contact Preferences using the Performance Grid. 
  • If possible, phone with all information. If not, make sure you email/WhatsApp all information asking for confirmation asap. 
  • If you have to leave a message, email or WhatsApp, make sure you ask them to confirm, making sure you give them as much info as possible. 

3. Make the Submission 

  • If the breakdown was in Spotlight, open the sub, select our client and make a note in the comments box with information on their human. 
  • Post any links in the comments box that are necessary. 
  • You may be asked to follow up with photos etc. If the client sends through any relevant photos, be sure to clearly label them and save them to their client files for future use.