Google Chrome Browser

Since the Covid-19 pandemic we have gathered all our day-to-day IT systems under one place: The Google Chrome Browser. The idea being, once you are successfully logged in there, you have access to all you need to perform your AOD duties.  

When you log in to your Chrome Browser as ACT, you will see a home page that can give you access to our emails, the Tagmin system, Spotlight, key documents and our social media accounts. 

To log in for the first time, or if you are setting up on a new device, follow these instructions and/or the video.  

  1. Download Chrome Browser (if you don’t already have it installed) 
    • If you are doing it for the first time, you can probably just sign straight in, moving to instruction 6 
  2. To sign into the Chrome Browser, select the circular icon next to the address bar 
  3. Select the +Add option
  4. Select Add Person 
  5. Give the name ACT and select ADD 
  6. Find and select “Already a Chrome user? Sign in” 
  7. In the box marked “Email or phone” add “actorscreativeteam” (all one word) 
  8. Add the current *password (ask NLB or a member of the IT team if you do not know it) 
  9. *UPDATE* Do not choose the option to Sync, select Settings
  10. Select “Manage what you sync”
  11. Select “Customise Sync”
    • Turn off Bookmarks
  12. Press the back arrow (Just above where you selected customise sync) and Confirm settings
  13. Click on the word Error in top right hand corner
    • Select remove from Chrome
  14. Select the picture of the house next to the address bar to open ACT Links Page

*The password to our account will be changed regular and/or when a member leaves the agency.