Client Wall

The Clients Wall is an internal page on our website, only visible to those who have the website’s login details. It has replaced the physical pictures that line the walls of our office, which may also be spoken about as The Bullet Lists.  

The intention is that each actor has a list of stats and skills we can quickly glance at, when deciding who would be appropriate to sub, or indeed, push for a role. 

As you hover over an individual’s headshot, you will see that there is a pop-up page that details: 

  1. Initials and contact details 
  2. Basic physical stats 
  3. Skills: Accents, Languages, Bases, Singing, Dancing, Instruments, Others 
  4. Top Casting Suggestions 
  5. Notable Credits and Experience 
  6. Specific things to remember 

Headshots are displayed in alphabetical order by surname. There are also categories to enable more detailed searches. These categories are: