Contact Development

All the work we receive through ACT relies on contacts with producers, casting directors and theatres. While a lot of these are already established with breakdowns coming through Spotlight, there is a lot of high profile work in film, TV and theatre for which we never see any casting breakdowns. As an agency we all need to be on the look-out for any “leads” and to follow them up. Ways of doing this are listed below. 

What to do

As a client

  1. Choose a theatre company/programme that you really want to work in and find out who casts it. 
  2. Make a short bullet point list of why you would be good for this programme. 
  3. Let the agency know (in a meeting) that this is what you’d like us to work for on your behalf. 

As an Agent 

  1. In addition to responding to Spotlight subs, be proactive. Check Dramanic/ Theatre company websites/ Social Media. Are there any new opportunities here? 
  2. If you see a casting director/theatre company/series that you haven’t heard of before, check if we have notes in TagMin. Do we need to make ourselves known to them? If yes: 
    • Can we follow them on Twitter/Insta? 
    • Should we send them a client list (to be found in Marketing Team/Client Lists) 
    • Do we need to push any particular clients?