Downloading Zoom Recordings

Table of contents


Whilst making use of Zoom to host our Monday Meetings, we are able to record aspects of the meeting for those who are unable to attend or for future reference. The items of the meeting we will typically record are:

  • An Audition
  • AOD Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • Profile Interviews

What to do

  1. Log into Zoom as ACT
  2. Find the previous evenings recordings
  3. Download to computer/device
  4. Upload to correct folders in ACT Docs/One Drive

How to

  1. Log into Zoom here and login (if not automatically signed in)
    • Select Sign in (in the top right hand corner)
    • Select “Sign in with Google” and it should auto sign you in (if you are signed in as ACT on the Chrome Browser)
  2. Once signed in, select My Account (in top right hand corner)
  3. On the far left pane, select Recordings
  4. From the list, select the correct date (if pervious recording have correctly been deleted, only one list item should appear here)
  5. Select “Audio only” (the last item)
    • And select the Trash icon to delete
    • Confirm you want to delete the audio
  6. Select “Download (x files)” (Next to the image of the film reel)
    • It should download to a grey bar at the bottom of the Chrome Browser window
    • If not, note where they are downloading to (usually your Downloads folder on your computer)
  7. Open a new tab in the browser window and select the house icon (next to the address bar) to get to the ACT-Links page
    • Select ACT Docs/One Drive (with the blue cloud icon)
  8. Navigate to a sensible folder
    • If it’s training, go to the Training Team folder and, dragging the download for the grey bar, drop the video in the Training Videos folder
    • If it’s a Profile Interview, go to the Professional Development Team folder and, dragging the download for the grey bar, drop the video in the Profiling Interviews folder
  9. Once Uploaded in the correct folder, Rename it
    • Hover over the video you’ve uploaded
    • Select the three stacked dots to the right,
    • Select Rename
    • Rename it with a sensible name, e.g. AA Profile Interview or Self Tape Training with date
  10. Go back to the browser tab with zoom
  11. Once again, select Recordings from the left hand pane
  12. Select the drop down menu of More (next to the recording you have recently downloaded)
    • Select Delete
    • Confirm you wish to delete