Editing a TOM Article


The Online Manual (TOM) is a set of articles that are specific to the running of ACT. They explain the way we use our systems such as the Chrome Browser, to how we use our Outlook inbox, to how we use Tagmin etc. Systems such as Tagmin, Office 365 or Chrome are often updated or changed, therefore TOM needs regular updating to stay up to date and useful.

The Training Team are alerted to any errors in TOM by the use of the green chat icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of every TOM article. The IT Team can be alerted to any broken links by the “Any Broken Links?” hyperlink at the end of every article. Please do make use of these functions as you read through TOM if you find something doesn’t make sense or is outdated.

When the Training Team or IT Team are alerted to a problem in TOM, it is down to a member of those teams to fix it. Please do not adjust TOM unless you are doing it on behalf of those teams. If there is an article that you feel is missing, please use the green chat icon to let the Training Team know.

What to do

  1. Log in to the back end of the website
  2. Open a new tab with the ACT Links Page
  3. Search for the article you wish to amend
  4. Select “Edit Docs” in the menu items below the address bar
  5. Edit the Doc
  6. Update the changes to go live

How to

  1. Log in to the Dashboard of our website
    1. Go to the ACT Links page and select ACT Dashboard or click here
    2. The Dashboard will open in a separate Tab
    3. The Password will auto populate
  2. Reopen the ACT links page tab and use the TOM search bar to search for the article you wish to amend
    1. Write a keyword in the search bar
    2. Select the article from the drop down list that appears
  3. The selected article will open with a black bar of new options at the top of the page
  4. Select “Edit Docs” from this new menu of options
  1. Edit the doc
    1. Each heading, paragraph, image or list of the document is treated as an individual section
    2. You can change the settings of each section by
      1. Click on the section
      2. Hover over the text and select from the pop up menu that appears
      3. On the right hand pane, make sure BLOCK is selected and make changes from the options there
    3. If you want to add a new section, select the + button, which appears at the end of the current final section
      • You can choose many options here, from paragraph to header to image to quotes to numbered or bulleted lists etc.
  2. Update the changes to go live
    1. When you have completed your changes, select Update, which is in a blue box in the top right hand corner
    2. A pop up will appear to “View Docs”
      • Select this so you can see your changes have taken effect
    3. Or, go back to the ACT links page, search for the article again and make sure the changes have taken effect.