How to Chair a Meeting

Table of contents

Monday Meetings should be meaningful and productive. The Chair facilitates the discussion, keeps us on task and makes sure we keep to the agenda for the meeting.  

What to do

  1. Volunteer at a Meeting!
  2. Prep the relevant Meeting Preview Document in “The Meeting” Section
  3. Host the meeting, keeping us all on track with the opportunity for relevant input

How to

Top Tips for Chairing: 

  • Your energy and presence sets the tone! Be front footed, prepared and engaged.  
  • Don’t feel you have to know anything or everything (you’re not Chairing because you know the answers to every question)! Most important is to facilitate an open discussion and make sure follow up Actions are assigned.  
  • Facilitate and open discussion asking, “How does everyone feel about..?” or “What does everyone think about..?”

Pre Meeting Preparation  

  1. Look through the minutes of the previous meeting in order to ascertain Matters Arising. These are any issues that were identified for action or further discussion which were not resolved at the previous meeting. 
  2. Make your agenda, using the IFDs in the “Pre Meeting” part of The Meeting Preview AND the Matters Arising from the previous minutes.
  3. Transfer the information for the Training Session, Professional Development Session, Self Tapes to be watched and Notable WJ entries from the “Pre Meeting” section of the Meeting Preview doc to the agenda in the “Meeting” section. 
  4. Have a good overview of the Meeting so you feel confident of what is being discussed and when. 

The Meeting

  1. Be on time and keep to time (If we are on Zoom, you don’t need to be logged in as ACT but it is helpful if you are the first on the call and are able to welcome everyone to the meeting) 
  2. Ask for a Minute Taker 
  3. Facilitate the discussion, ensuring that everyone who wants to weigh in gets a chance to have their say. 
  4. Sum up any actions to be taken and to clarify who will complete the follow up Actions. (Don’t be afraid to call on your minute taker here, to double check that the discussion and any decisions taken have been noted clearly and everyone is in agreement as to what has been decided.) 
  5. If anyone rambles or goes too far off topic, you should bring the discussion back to its original point, and ensure the meeting moves at a reasonable pace.