We receive meeting requests for in person meetings and live Zoom/Video Call meetings. These requests are most often received via email, though occasionally we get them over the phone. However you receive the request in the first instance, be sure to get as much information as possible. 

Ask yourself, if this were my audition, what would I want to know? 

If it is a phone call, you can always ask for the information to be followed up in email form. 

Meetings are created through the client’s page. 

What to do

  1. Log on TagMin 
  2. Contact and confirm with client 
  3. Log in Weekly Journal 

How to do 

 1. Create Meeting on Tagmin 

  • To create a Meeting, go to the client’s TagMin page by searching their name in the client search bar or finding them on the Client tab.  
  • Once on the client page, find the meeting tab and press the “+” button. 
  • Import client booking by typing the name of the project into the search field. 
  •  If you cannot find the name of the booking double check on Spotlight and see if you can find the original Submission. 
  • If the request has come in on the day of the submission, Spotlight won’t have imported the information yet. You can import this information by clicking on the small Spotlight icon on the top right and searching for the relevant job. 
  • Make sure you are importing the correct booking – some submissions may have similar names, so there may be multiple submissions for McDonalds, for example. Check it is the right one. 
  • When: Fill in the date and time of the casting – TagMin won’t save the meeting unless you do! 
  • With: This should autofill. If not, make sure you link contact to the relevant name. To do this, click on the ‘search or add’ option at the top right of the window and a box will open. Start typing contact’s name. If it does not appear, it is not in our system and will have to be added.   
    • Choose from the ‘Add contact’ or ‘Add company’ and manually add all detail in the drop down section that appears. Click the red “LINK” button and the contact will be added to our system. You MUST make sure there is a contact to link this to before completing the booking. 
    • For an illustration of this, please watch the TagMin video here:
  • Where: Click on the window and search for the correct venue. If the venue is not on our system, press the “create new venue” button and fill in as much information as possible. 
    • When linking a contact or venue to a meeting, make sure they are already in the Contacts section of TagMin and tick the  appropriate box e.g., venue, casting director etc.  
    • If the venue is not already there, abandon the meeting submission and create a contact to TagMin so it can be pulled through and start the meeting log again. 
  • The following sections should autofill with information from Spotlight, if it doesn’t or the original submission came from elsewhere, you can manually input it. 
  • Booking type: Commercial/Stage/Film etc 
  • Project title: Make sure this is filled with a relevant name 
  • Summary: Should auto-fill, if not copy any info from the original breakdown. 
  • Role: As above 
  • Role Description: As above 
  • Meeting type: Is it an Audition/Chat/Screen test? 
  • Notes for Client: In the “notes for client” section, fill in how the booking came in and how. Example: Maddy Hinton called/Laura from Hammond Cox emailed), plus anything the client will need to know about. Example: ‘use a German accent/wear a suit’ etc.  
    • Please copy over information from any emails received here
  • Dates At this stage the date info will be in the box Date Information, rather than populating the calendar, double check that the information on dates is consistent with the request, as this can change from the original Submission. 
  • If the Submission came from somewhere other than Spotlight, click the Additional Information tab at the bottom, go to the Source dropdown box and select the relevant answer. 

2. Contact client  

  • Check their Contact Preferences. 
  • If possible, phone with all information.  
  • If not make sure you email/WhatsApp all information asking for confirmation asap. 
  • If you have to leave a message, email or WhatsApp, make sure you ask them to call you back to confirm, making sure you give them as much info as possible. 
  • Update Status on TagMin. Send them TagMin email and forward any relevant scripts or info that have been sent. 
  • TagMin can always be amended later if we need to ask for another time or pass on the request.

3. Status 

  • Client Told: Yes/No/Left Message 
  • Client Attending: Unconfirmed/Yes/Passed. Be sure to go back and update this as and when you receive confirmation from the client. 
  • Status Notes: Any relevant info. Ie; client is out of the country but will confirm attendance by tomorrow. 
  • Feedback: This box is for after meeting, if contact has any feedback for the client, please put it in here, as well as passing it directly onto the client themselves. 

4. Weekly Journal 

  • Record incoming information (phone call or email from casting director/production company) in relevant section of WJ, starting with date of contact, your initials, the client initials, who the contact is and what it’s about. 
  • Log the Meeting under the CASTINGS heading, starting with date of meeting, initials of client and details of who it’s with and what it’s for.