How to Take Minutes


Each Monday Night Meeting begins with the Chair asking for a Minute Taker. Followed by an eerie silence. Minutes are the way we log our meetings for future reference and accountability and so are very important. They can be created easily from the Meeting Preview Document and written as the meeting is occurring.

What to do

  • Prepare a Minutes Document
  • Note the start/end times of the meeting and record acceptance of previous minutes
  • Note main points of discussion
  • Make sure Actions are attributed to the members of the agency who will take responsibility for the next stage(s)
  • Distribute to the ACT Clients email group

How to

Preparing The Minutes

If you wonderfully volunteer as The Minute Taker:

  1. Sing into Google Chrome as ACT
  2. Go to that weeks Meeting Preview
  3. Select File/Make a Copy
  4. Rename the Copy as Date, Meeting Minutes

Taking the Minutes

  1. Double check the PRESENT, WORKING and APOLOGIES sections have been correctly filled in
  2. Note the main points in discussion in the central column and any decisions or actions decided
  3. Mark the actions in line with the discussion item in the right-hand column with the initials of who will take responsibility for the follow up actions.
  4. Don’t be afraid to check back with the Chair as each action/decision is taken, to ensure you have an accurate record.
  5. At the end of the Meeting, re-read your Minutes making sure it all makes sense and everything has a corresponding action.
  6. When you are happy
    1. Select File/Download as/PDF
    2. Upload the PDF to the Meetings Folder in the ACT-docs/One Drive, in the correct year with the correct date
    3. Go into Outlook and send a copy of the PDF to all members.