Instagram: the basics

What to do

You can use Instagram using your PC, MAC, Tablet or phone, whichever works easiest for you. To see how, click here.

  1. Look at the weekly journal to see who is rehearing/working or email around to find out if anyone is doing anything cool and interesting we don’t know about. 
  2. Ask them to send over photos, video footage and a short/snappy caption, also any companies they are working with and if they are on Instagram.  
  3. Upload either as a post to the ACT feed or as an IGTV video. 
  4. Share on Instagram stories, remember to tag the agency member and the company. 
  5. Share around the agency to get everyone to share the story on their own Instagram. 


  • To view ACT’s profile, where the Post Reel, IGTV posts, posts ACT have been tagged in and Highlights are kept, head to the bottom right hand corner of the page and click on the Logo on your phone (top right hand corner on other devices)


How to like a Post – 
  • You can either double tap on a photo or video to like it or below the post you will see a little heart, you can click on that to like the post too
  • If you have liked a post in error, you can just tap again and it will unlike the post
How to react to a Story – 
  • Other’s stories can be viewed at the top of your home page, they are little circles with the person/companies photo or logo
  • When you click on this, their story will appear
  • You can pause the story by pressing and holding down the page
  • At the bottom of the story there will often be a bar ‘Send message’
  • You can send a message to the person/company or send a quick reaction using the emojis that appear
  • There is also a paper airplane in the bottom right hand corner which allows you to send their story to another contact


How to follow a person/company on Instagram –
  • If you would like to follow a new person/company on Instagram, you’ll need to head to the magnifying glass at the bottom of your home page
  • A search bar will appear at the top of the page and you can search for the new contact
  • Once you have found the contact, you will then be given the option of following them