How to Create a Recall Invoice


When a Client has a recall for a Commercial, there is usually a fee attached. When booking in the recall, the AOD should have filled in the ‘Invoice on or after’ box, so TagMin will alert us to the need to raise the invoice.  

If the Client was recalled and booked the job, you can add this as an item to the full invoice, by following the instructions here

If the Client didn’t book the job, we need to invoice for the recall fee as a stand-alone invoice. The fee is usually £50, but can vary from job to job, so be sure to check. 

What to do

  1. Read the notes on the job record thoroughly to work out what is being invoiced for.  
  2. Log in Tagmin
  3. Create the invoice.  
  4. Download and save it to the correct file.  
  5. If unsure, send to iCan for approval.  
  6. Use Outlook to send to the correct contact.  
  7. Log in the Weekly Journal. 

How to Do it

1. Read the notes on the job record thoroughly

  • Go to the client’s TagMin, find the relevant Meeting or Self Tape record. 
  • Read the notes and make sure you have a clear idea of what you are invoicing, who you need to send it to and whether the invoice needs any special information, like a PO number.  
  • In order to check you have all the information you need; you might need to check back through emails or the original submission. 

2. Log in Tagmin

  1. If it hasn’t been specified somewhere explicitly, contact the company first to confirm who to invoice as this can often be someone different to the contact we’ve been dealing with up to that point. Then double check with that contact that they are indeed the person to invoice.    

NB: A stand-alone Recall invoice cannot be created from the Meeting or Self Tape Record. 

  1. Go to the client’s TagMin, click into the INVOICE tab in the central column and open a blank Invoice form.  
  2. Type: Leave this as “Standard”  
  3. Reference: Leave this as Prefix/Infix  
  4. The next box will show a number, leave this, it is the invoice number we can use to reference the invoice should we need to in the future.  
  5. PO Number: Some jobs require an additional reference, you can check with the contact before raising the invoice if this is needed, or it can be added later and re-sent.  
  6. Invoice to: Leave this as ‘Contact’ 
  7. Contact: Use the search box to find the name of the person, company or client being invoiced.

*IMPORTANT* If the contact is not listed, create a new contact and input their information now

  1. Override: Please ignore this field.  
  2. Client: This should have auto populated with the client’s name.  
  3. Link to client booking: Search for the name of the Meeting or Self-Tape that the recall was linked to. 
  4. Project title: This should have auto populated with the job title.  
  5. Currency: Select the currency you wish to invoice in. This will usually be GB Pounds (GBP) but occasionally we are asked to invoice in another currency.  
  6. Charge VAT on comm? Select No.  
  7. Invoice terms (days): Our normal terms are 30 days, occasionally jobs will have different terms, you can change this to match the job should you need to. This will auto populate the next box with the due date.  
  8. Terms note: Leave this blank.  
  9. Invoice notes (displayed on invoice): Leave this blank.  
  10. Payment details: Make sure Client Account is selected.  
  11. Items: Items are the individual charges we invoice for, in this instance, there will only be one.
    1. Press the ‘+’ button. 
    2. Amount – input the relevant amount 
    3. Charge agency VAT – Please leave this box unchecked. 
    4. Commission rate – Leave this blank. We do not charge commission on stand-alone recall fees.
  12. Paid: Please leave this field as Unpaid.  
  13. Received: Please leave this field as No.  
  14. Header: Please leave this field as Agency (template)  
  15. Show job dates: Please leave this field as Yes.  
  16. Notes: Leave this field blank, we will use it to record information if the invoice goes overdue. 

3. Create the Invoice

  1. When you are happy that every item has been added and all the information is listed on the invoice, press ADD INVOICE. 
    • Tagmin will refresh the page
  2. Click the ‘DOWNLOAD INVOICE’ button way at the top of the tab. This will show you what the PDF of the invoice looks like, so you have the chance to adjust again if need be.   
  3. Once you are happy with your work, save to PDF using format:  Invoice number, client initials, name of job and the word Recall 

1234 XX Big Ad Recall  

4. Download and save it to the correct file

  1. Go to ACT One Drive Docs
  2. Navigate to Actors Creative Team Docs/Finance/All Invoices – Saved by number. 
  3. Drag and drop your invoice from your Downloads file, here

5. If unsure, send to iCan for approval. 

  • Its very important we get the invoices right so if you have little experience or are at all concerned, send an email to the ican team

6. Use Outlook to send to the correct contact.  

  1. Open Outlook and attach the downloaded invoice. The subject should be Invoice for followed by the client’s name and the name of the job.  
  2. In the body of the email, address it to the appropriate contact, the write words to the effect of “Please find attached Invoice number **** for DETAILS OF JOB. Please note, our payment terms are 30 days from invoice date. Any problems, please let me know.”  
  3. Go back to the job record and click the ‘+’ button on the ‘Agency Comments’ tab and write a description of what you’ve sent and to who.  

7. Log in the Weekly Journal

  • Go to the Invoices section in the WJ
  • Record in the order they have been sent
  • They are only deleted when DRS has confirmed that they have been paid