Job Briefing


A Job Briefing is an opportunity for the client to tell us about their new role and how they feel the agency can support them and promote them. From the briefing we aim for the client to feel supported, for the Marketing Team to develop a strategy, for timely tasks to be put in Tagmin and for all members to have an increased awareness of each other’s work.

What to do

  • Client Preparation
  • Professional Development Team Questions
  • Minute Taker to record actions

How to do it

Client Preparation

For you Job Briefing, it will be helpful if you gather the information for the following:

  1. Clearly explain the role and project.
    • Does it require specific skills, new or existing we could shout about.
    • Is it going to exciting venues or being screened in a way we can promote?
    • Who are the other creatives involved (Theatre Company, CD, Director) so we can build on our existing relationship with them.
  2. Have a an idea of any useful dates (press night, air date, festival screenings etc)
  3. What have you learned from the casting process that is useful?
  4. Think about who might be appropriate to invite. 
    • Think big and think strategic.
    • What CDs like you? Who has pencilled, recalled or complimented you in the past?
    • What CDs have you not met that you feel you should have?
    • If it’s a tour, which regions are you going to and what CDs or ADs may be based in those areas?
    • If it’s a children’s show, what CDs and ADs do we know have children that we can target?
  5. Get hold of any publicity from the company. (This can be continuously updated throughout the job with rehearsal shots etc, part of the Marketing Team’s strategy from this interview, will be to chase for updates on this throughout the job).

Professional Development Team Questions

  1. Give us an overview of the job, including
    • Press Night or opening Night Dates
    • If theatre tour, the closest location to London that you’ll be
  2. Are there any particular skills this job shows off for you
  3. Who do you want us to invite?
    • Are there casting relationships we can build on?
    • Are there casting relationships we can begin to develop?
  4. Are there specific ways we can promote you and the work, 
    • Anything specific for our website?
    • Anything specific for our socials? e.g. Instagram takeover, specific hashtags for social media etc. 
    • Do you have any publicity work from the company to pass to the office?
  5. Ask the agency to consider going to see the work

Minute Taker to record actions

  • Minute each action clearly. By the end of this there should be actions for:
    • Marketing 
    • AODs to add Tagmin Tasks for 
      • specific dates, 
      • news suggestions and 
      • social media suggestions
    • All of us to try to book tickets