Monday Night Meeting

Meetings are held fortnightly on Monday evenings. We have both “In Person” meetings, where we usually take part in an agency led workshop or audition and “Virtual” meetings held on Zoom.  

Meetings are a vital part of co-op life and we are all required to attend. The tone of them are professional, positive and friendly.  

First and foremost, they are an opportunity to get to know each other properly and enjoy each other’s company. When we are able to meet in in person, it is an opportunity to sit down and have a drink together, relax together and get to know our team mates. Often a group would arrive early or stay behind together afterwards to catch up on life outside of the agency. Within the meeting, we get to see what you care about, how you communicate and via a voting system for full members, the agency evolves and develops, reflecting the current membership. 

There are several ingredients that make up our meetings, however not all take place at every meeting. 

What is a Meeting Preview and where can I find it?

The meeting preview is a live, Google doc that is created on the Tuesday after a meeting. It is used by attendees to update their comms/add in any IFDs, as a guide for the Chair and as a minute template for the Minute Taker. It is our opportunity to set the agenda and fill in the information we need to have a productive meeting. 

To view an upcoming meeting preview, you can follow the link on the Weekly Journal, or go to the Weekly Journal, click on the Blue striped icon in the top left of the screen and check if Preview exists for the date of the next meeting. If not, you need to create one


A Chair Person is selected at the previous meeting. Their job is to facilitate a productive and fruitful meeting.  Instructions and tips for The Chair can be found here.

Minute Taker

A Minute Taker is asked for at the beginning of each meeting to keep a log of everything that happens, which is recorded for any members who missed the meeting and for future reference and accountability. This log is called The Minutes. Instructions and tips for how to Minute can be found here.


This is a paragraph we all share in the Meeting Preview which gives the highlights (or lowlights) of our previous two weeks. Normally they will focus on acting but we often share other significant information too.

IFDs (Items For Discussion)

These are discussion points that any member can suggest we discuss as an agency. These make up a substantive portion of the meeting and is often the mechanism by which the practices of the agency evolve and improve.  

Matters Arising

These are discussions that have been started in the previous meeting and either need further discussion, or need information on what changes were put into place.  


Actions are the next step responsibilities given to ACT members as a result of IFDs or Matters Arising to move things along.  


Decisions in the agency are usually made through a discussion and then a vote. To be in a position to vote we need a minimum of a third of full agency members (known as quorum) to be present. A Training member, still in their probationary period, is not able to vote but are very much encouraged to join in the discussion.


This is where we get to see and meet perspective clients. We will come to a meeting prepared, having thoroughly looked at the prospective client’s Spotlight CV, showreel, social media accounts etc. Either on Zoom or in person, we see this person perform live and engage in an interview, where we all have the opportunity to ask relevant questions. After this, we have a blind vote, where we have the option to vote “Yes”, “No” or to “Abstain”. If there is not a unanimous decision,  we have a discussion followed by a second vote.  


It is integral that each of us perform our role of an agent in a similarly professional manner, each understanding the current protocols and practices. As such, the agency is under constant quality control through regular training at Monday night meetings. It is the responsibility of the Training Team to make sure there is a training session available (although it may be a member of any team who leads the training). 

Professional Development

New in 2021 is our Professional Development team, dedicated to improving us as performers. This could take the form of skills training, led by an in-house member or a paid-for practitioner.  It could also be a Profiling Interview where an agency member is in the hot seat for a ten-minute interview.  

Self-Tapes on YouTube

Also in 2021, we took a decision to watch the majority of our self-tapes that have been collated through the preceding two weeks. This is a way of getting to know each other better as performers as well as sharpening our own practices as we see how our fellow actors do theirs.  Instructions can be found here.


Any Other Business, usually take the form of quick FYIs. 


This is an opportunity for the Overview Team to update us on the current needs of the rota for the coming month.  

A Monday Night meeting usually lasts for two hours, although it can vary. They are a priority for us as an agency and increasingly have a pleasing mixture of agent business and supportive performer improvements. If you are unable to attend, please update your apologies on the Meeting Preview document. Other than that, we look forward to seeing you on a Monday night soon!