How to Create a News Post


At time of writing (April 2022) we have three main ways to get ACT news to the world: Instagram, Twitter and our News section on the ACT website. 

Our expectation is that the majority of traffic for our website is from actors who are thinking of joining a co-op agency. It’s important to bear that person in mind when creating the news on our site. We want all our news items to say: We are relevant members of the industry, who are working and preferably working on interesting projects. 

What to do

  1. Who is working? 
  2. Add a Post
  3. Write the News Post
  4. Set a featured image
  5. Publish the News Post
  6. Look at the News Post online
  7. Tweet and Insta linking to the posts

How to do it

1. Who is working?

  • Make use of Tagmin and the Weekly Journal to get an idea of who is doing what,
  • Reach out to those actors for specific details
  • Send out the regular email seeking news, following the Tagmin Task

2. Add a Post

  1. Go to the backend Dashboard of our website, which is a link on the ACT links page here
  2. Sign in as actitteam – password will auto populate when logged into the ACT Chrome Browser
  3. On the left hand side, find Posts and select. This will open a page with all our recent News Posts listed
  4. Select Add New
  5. (*NEW for 2022* DO NOT select Edit with Elementor)

3. Write the News Post

  1. Add a relevant Title
  2. The body of the article:
    • Within WordPress Posts, each “Block” (paragraph) has its own style. Under the Title, you will see “Type / to choose a block”If you simply start typing, you will write a paragraph of text
    • If you press the forward slash button / you will see a list of regularly used options.
    • If you need a block to do something else, use the + sign at the end of the row.
  3. The Title and first 25 words will appear as a preview on our News Page so try to make these catchy and start the first paragraph with the client’s name. 
  4. Make sure you use images and not just text.
    • When you use a headshot, make the block a 2 section “Column” adding an image to one side and text to the other.
    • If you need ideas for images, go to the companies website and look for any reviews

4. Set a Featured Image

  1. The image MUST be in the right size formate. Please create an image for each story following the instructions here!
  2. When you’ve downloaded & unzipped your featured image:
    • On the top right hand pane of your new post, make sure POST is selected
    • Scroll down to Featured image
      • Click on the blank box
    • Drag and drop your image into the media library
      • On the right hand side you will have the settings
        • Alternative Text: Put the Clients FULL name
        • Title: Clients Initials and Company
        • Caption: Leave blank
        • Description: Leave blank
        • File URL: Leave as it is (it will auto populate)

NB: The Featured Image won’t automatically appear in the article, it will only appear in the News Page. If you want the image in the post too, make sure to add it by adding an image.

5. Publish the News Post

  1. In your new News Post, select PUBLISH in the top right hand corner

6. Look at the News Post online

  1. Go to the news page on our site or click here and check that the news items looks good, lining up with the article to the right of it. 
  2. Check how it looks on your phone or tablet too

7. Tweet and Insta Linking to the Posts

  1. Go to our socials and make an announcement linking to your article, @ing linked people/companies and thinking of the relevant hashtags