How to schedule an out of hours Zoom


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we purchased a monthly Pro Zoom contract allowing us unlimited time limit on our meetings. We use this Zoom account throughout each working day and for our Monday Meetings.  

However, from time-to-time individuals within the agency may have need of a Pro Zoom account for an industry related activity, such as a play reading. IF your Zoom call is industry related AND your Zoom call is before 10am or after 6pm, you can request to use the Pro Zoom account.  

Please make a request from the agency, preferably at Monday Meeting. If you need a quick response then use the WhatsApp group to ask.   

What to do 

If you an AOD and someone has requested and granted the use of the Zoom account: 

  1. Log into Zoom as ACT 
  2. Schedule a Meeting, filling in the relevant boxes (do not use our personal ID, instead “Generate Automatically”) 
  3. Update the Outlook Calendar with the details 
  4. Send the member the details of the Zoom meeting 
  5. Add note to the WJ 

How to do it

  1. Go to Select “Sign In” 
    1. Select “Sign in with Google” 
    2. Select “actorscreativeteam” 
  2. Select Schedule a Meeting Topic: Give the event a title 
    1. Description: Say which ACT member is using the account and why 
    2. Fill in Date and Time information 
    3. Registration is usually not required 
    4. Meeting ID: *IMPORTANT* Make sure Generate Automatically is checked 
    5. All other settings should be generally OK as they are  
    6. Select Save 
    7. In the next screen select Copy Invitation 
  3. Update Outlook Calendar Go to Outlook (the emails) 
    1. At the bottom of the left hand panel, select the calendar 
    2. Select the date and fill in the information 
    3. Select Add a Description and paste in the link 
    4. Select the Envelope icon, in the left-hand panel to go back to the Email screen 
  4. Send an email to the member pasting the link into the body of the email 
  5. Add the details to the Weekly Journal