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Payslips and Remittance Advice (RAs) are often emailed to us by Theatre or Production companies when our clients are being paid weekly, and very occasionally after one-off jobs. In the first case, there may also be a Payment Schedule setup for the payments.

What to do

  1. Save the attached Payslip or RA to the client’s ‘Finance’ folder – preferably inside a Job specific folder.
  2. Forward the email with Payslip or RA attached to DRS (
  3. cc. the client

How to do

  1. To save the payslip or RA
    1. One option is to “save to One-drive” from the drop-down on the attachment – this will save it to the ‘Attachments’ folder on our One Drive
      1. Open One Drive from the ACT links page and select ‘My Files’ at the top left of the page
      2. Open the ‘Attachments’ folder and select the document you saved
      3. Right-click the three dots and select “Move-to”
      4. In the right-hand panel, navigate to the correct folder and click the blue “Move Here” button.
    2. An alternative is to download the attachment to your own PC,
      1. Then open OneDrive and navigate to the client’s folder as above
      2. Select “Upload” from the top bar and choose downloaded file from your PC