Professional Development Team


The Professional Development team was created in January 2021 and is run by AKC and NW. The purpose of the team is to help each agency member to develop their potential within the agency setting. This will mostly take place during a Monday Night Meeting.

What to do

  1. Profile Interviews
  2. Workshops
  3. Job Briefings

How to do it

1. Profile Interviews

These are interviews that take place during the Monday Night Virtual meetings. A member of the Professional Development Team interviews one or two clients per meeting, rotating in alphabetical order. The interview is designed to be supportive, positive and friendly in tone. Click here for the spreadsheet to see who is coming up next.


  • Look at their Spotlight page, watch showreel, listen to voice reel, note skills, note credits of interest
  • Look at their Tagmin page and see which CDs have seem them and what imaginative descriptions have been used
  • Send them questions to think about in advance. General questions are:
    • What moment do we find you in, in your acting journey?
    • Is there anything going on in your life right now that would be helpful for us to know about?
    • If the agency could call you with the best, but yet still realistic, phone call, what would it be?
    • Is there anything you think the agency don’t know about you, that we should?
    • Is there a particular set of skills or focus you are working on at the moment?

After the 5 minute (3 Question) interview, we open it up to the floor for questions. It’s important the interviewer protects the interviewee. If there is a subject that looks like it is upsetting the interviewee, for instance, criticism of headshots, then the interviewer should move things on.

2. Workshops

In May 2022 we decided as an agency that we would take part in group workshops in the “In Person” Meetings,

  • either a 1 hour In-house workshop that one client would lead for the agency, post an audition
  • or a whole evening workshop given by a paid practitioner (and therefore no audition)

See a list of current possible workshops here.

3. Job Briefings

As of May 2022, the Job Briefings are under construction. But for current thinking see the article on Job Briefings, here.

Other activities

The Professional Development Team will from time to time encourage other productive activites designed to help us focus on our craft as actors, for example, sending a New Years’ Professional Resolutions form