Self Tapes and Meetings often result in recalls, i.e a subsequent round of auditioning. Each individual casting, be it self tape, zoom or face to face, will give you the option to add in a recall. 

There is usually a fee to be gained for a commercial recall. If you are creating an invoice for a recall, please follow the instructions here.

What to do 

  1. Log Recall on TagMin 
  2. Contact and confirm with client 
  3. If Commercial, add a Invoice On or After date
  4. Log in Weekly Journal 

How to do 

1. Log Recall on TagMin 

  • To create a Recall, go to the client’s TagMin page by searching their name in the client search bar or finding them on the Client tab. 
  • Find the original Meeting or Self Tape. 
  • Click on the name of the project and it will open the booking details on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  • Find the recall tab within the booking details and click the “+” button.  
  • Fill in the Time/Contact/Venue/Fee (if applicable)/ Client Told/Client Attending/Invoice on or after (if recall fee applies)/Notes for client on costume, script etc. 
  • Recall fees are common in commercials, so be sure to check if this applies on the original breakdown, within the contact from the Casting Director.  
  • When confirming the recall, ask the CD what the fee is/who do we invoice for the recall fee. 
  • If a recall fee applies, set the invoice on or after date to the day after shooting starts, as we should have had confirmation one way or the other by that point. 
  • Once you have completed all the recall information, click “add”. 

2. Contact and confirm with client  

  • Check their Contact Preferences using the Performance Grid
    • If possible, phone with all information. If not, make sure you email/WhatsApp all information asking for confirmation asap. 
    • If you have to leave a message, email or WhatsApp, make sure you ask them to confirm, making sure you give them as much info as possible. 
  • Update Tagmin
    • Client Told: Yes/No/Left Message 
    • Client Attending: Unconfirmed/Yes/Passed 
    • Status Notes: Any relevant info. Ie; client is out of the country but will confirm attendance by tomorrow. 
    • Feedback: This box is for after meeting, if contact has any feedback for the client, please put it in here, as well as passing it directly onto the client themselves. 

3. If a commercial add an Invoice On After date

In this instance, follow this article for a full set of instructions.

4. Log in Weekly Journal 

  • Record incoming information (phone call or email from casting director/production company) in relevant section of WJ, starting with date of contact, your initials, the client initials, who the contact is and what it’s about. 
  • Log under the Recalls heading on the WJ, starting with date of meeting, initials of client and details of who it’s with and what it’s for. 

After a Recall

There is usually a £50 payment for a Commercial Recall. We invoice this at two different points depending on the outcome of the recall.

  1. You get the job
    • In which case, recall fee is added to the BSF invoice
  2. You don’t get the job AND they tell us (either by email, phone or on Spotlight messages), giving us the information we need to invoice
    • You can invoice straight away. Follow these instructions for how to create a recall invoice.
  3. You don’t get the job and we need to chase
    • An invoice on or after date should have been set in the Meeting record in Tagmin, for the day after the shoot dates – so you will be prompted to invoice
    • Double-check we haven’t been told who to invoice and then contact the Casting Director for details if we don’t have them.