Receiving Contracts

Table of contents

When a Contract is received it’s important that we deal with is as quickly as possible, so points 1-6 should be actioned immediately.

What to do

  1. Reply to the email from the Contact to thank them for the contract and to let them know we are passing it to the Contracts team
  2. Skim contract to familiarise yourself with contents
    • Check against Tagmin Job Record for obvious errors, such as:
      • Client Name, Agency Address, Shoot dates, Fees
  3. Forward contract to iCAN with any notes (as above)
    • CC client
  4. Save Contract to Client’s Contracts folder
  5. Update Tagmin Job record
    • Note who it was received from in “Agency Comments”
    • Date Contract “Received from Production”
    • Date “Sent to Client” (iCan for our purposes)
    • Upload Contract to Tagmin Job Record
  6. Add receipt of contracts to Weekly Journal in all relevant sections

And then.. 

  1. Read the contract fully and note anything of interest
    • Think what you would want to know about the job if it was yours.
      • Even if you’re not well versed in contracts, your thoughts are greatly appreciated by iCAN
  2. Once iCAN have discussed a reply:
    • Propose wording for a response or push Ican to formulate one
    • Send any questions or suggested amendments back to the Contact.
  3. If an amended contract is received, save it in Client’s Contracts folder & upload to Tagmin Job Record
  4. When you have three YAY votes from iCan, you can sign the contract on behalf of the client
  5. Upload a final and signed contract to Tagmin, deleting any previous un-signed versions
    • Also save Signed Contract in ACT client folder
    • Keep previous versions in ACT Docs

How to do 

Reading a contract: 

  • Contracts can be any length and complexity, from a basic one-page agreement to a full Equity style contract of many pages and clauses.  
  • Every contract is different, but all should include the same basic points

Saving a contract: 

  • In email, select attachment dropdown arrow and ‘Save to One Drive’
    • The file is saved in the ‘Attachments’ folder
  • In One Drive, select My Files and open ‘Attachments’ folder
    • Locate file (e.g. ‘Contract-received-by-Email.pdf’) and hover / select so that see three dots on the right
    • Click the three dots and from the drop down, select Move to
    • In the pane that opens to the right click ‘Your OneDrive’
    • open Actors Creative Team Docs and Navigate to clients contract folder e.g: Clients Files/Noel le Bon/Contracts
  • Once uploaded – download it to your desktop from either ACTDocs or the original email, for upload to Tagmin

Update Tagmin: 

  • Go to specific client’s page in Tagmin and open relevant Job
  • In Job record,
    • find AGENCY COMMENTS and click + to add comment
      • Note who sent the contract to us
    • expand CAN/CONTRACTS section
      • Click ‘Received from Production’ box and set today’s date
      • Click ‘Sent to Client Date’ and also set today’s date
        • For our purposes, sending the contract to iCan is the equivalent of sending to client
    • Upload contract by clicking ‘Upload/View Contracts button at the bottom of CAN/CONTRACTS section
      • NB. to do this you will need to have first Downloaded it to your own desktop (as above)

How to Sign a Contract on behalf of a client

  • Before you sign anything – double check the really obvious stuff!!
    • Spelling of Names
    • Client’s address
    • Agency details
    • Shoot dates
  • In most cases you can sign electronically; however, you may sometimes need to print, sign and scan the signed copy.
  • To sign electronically you will either need to have an editable pdf version of the contract, or a pdf reader (eg. Adobe Acrobat) that allows you to ‘Sign’ or ‘Type’ onto any pdf.
    • In Acrobat the ‘Fill and Sign’ tool allows you to type or hand write ‘initials’
      • You can then save your ‘scribble’ for use on other documents.
  • In both digital and manual versions you should also Print your name and either write (Agent) or On behalf of.. as you prefer