Recruitment Team Responsibilities

Table of contents

What to do 

  1. Have we received any applications or show invites? 
  2. If you are not on the Recruitment team, file these in the appropriate Outlook folders. 
  3. If you are on the team, send out to discuss with the team, respond and log. 

How to do 

Recruitment Team AOD Responsibilities: 

  1. Have a look at any unread applications (marked unread in the folder as above)  and carry out the following: 
  2. Mark on the CV2022 Excel sheet (Recruitment folder) mark in red if you think it’s someone we may want to see. 
  3. Make a decision on what to do next.  If you need help in reaching a decision then canvass opinion from the team, but the key points are these:  
    • Is it a credible application from a promising candidate, or not?  If not, then send a polite rejection.  Email templates in the Recruitment folder. 
    • We always reject people who
    • Do not have a Spotlight page 
    • Are too young 
    • Are a clash with an existing member. This can be hard to decide and usually involves a discussion with the team. 
    • Have made no mention of co-op agencies in their email.  That often means they have not bothered to look at our website and may not even know we are a co-op.  If despite that, the person looks like a promising candidate, then write back and point out that we are a co-op and to get back in touch if that is for them. (Email templates in the folder) 
    • Promising and credible candidates: 
    • Have usually written a well thought out letter explaining why the idea of being part of a co-op appeals to them. 
    • Have a Spotlight page. 
    • Are not a clash with an existing member. 
    • Have a certain ‘feel good’ factor.  Recruitment involves following your hunches and intuition. The best form of recruitment is personal recommendation  If you work with someone, or have seen them in action and they’re good; also if they have the right kind of personality for a co-op. – i.e. they wouldn’t drive you mad if you had to share an office day with them:  Invite them in.  To be clear: We don’t need three yeses to invite someone in. That’s an iCan procedure which is essential for contracts, but not for Recruitment.  If you have a good feeling about someone, then act on it.  Consult with the team leader (AC) first, as we do need to be careful to whom we allocate our audition slots,  but if on the basis of knowing the person and their work you feel strongly that we should audition them:  Then say so and you will be listened to! 
  4. Write back to applicants.  This is common courtesy, even if it’s a rejection, although it’s fair to say there are some applications that are so poorly put together that they scarcely merit that. –Your call as AoD. 
  5. If we want to invite someone to audition, here’s what we do: 
    • Decide when we would like to see the person. When is the next available slot? 
    • Contact the person informally either by email or by phone and ask if that date is convenient for them, and if they would still like to audition for us. 
    • If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then send the official invitation (email template) and the audition information sheet 
    • Set up the person on Tagmin!  In the field where it specifies Client/Ex Client/Other.   Choose other.  In the notes field record that you have invited them to audition on such and such a date.  And make sure we have a phone number! Whatever the outcome of the audition, we will need to call them. 
    • Make an entry on the Rota: e.g. Audition:  Al Pacino 7:15