Remittance Advice

Table of contents

A Remittance Advice is a proof of payment document. We deal with 2 types of Remittances at ACT.  

Incoming Remittance Advice – When we have been paid for work, we often receive a Remittance or Payslip from the company. You can read what to do with these here.  

Outgoing Remittance Advice –  Dawn processes all money received to the ACT account over the weekend. When a payment is made, she checks it against what is outstanding on TagMin, makes payment to the relevant client and marks this as paid on TagMin. She then creates a Remittance Advice for the client’s records, which is emailed as a PDF to ACT and the client. 

What to do 

  • Save the attached Remittance Advice to the client’s ‘Finance’ folder. 
  • Update the weekly Journal by removing any paid Invoices
  • See if DRS has asked for any other information or help. 

How to do

To save the Remittance Advice:

  1.  One option is to “save to One-drive” from the drop-down on the attachment – this will save it to the ‘Attachments’ folder on our One Drive 
    • Open One Drive from the ACT links page and select ‘My Files’ at the top left of the page 
    • Open the ‘Attachments’ folder and select the document you saved 
    • Right-click the three dots and select “Move-to” 
    • In the right-hand panel, open the “Your One Drive” option at the top of the menu. You will then see the Actors’ Creative Team Documents folder
    • Navigate to the Clients’ Finance Folder and click the blue “Move Here” button. 
  2. An alternative is to download the attachment to your own computer, 
    • Then open OneDrive and navigate to the client’s folder as above 
    • Select “Upload” from the top bar and choose downloaded file from your computer 

To update the Weekly Journal:

  1. Check the invoice number on any Remittance sent by DRS
    • If the payment is part of a Payment Schedule, eg; a weekly payment within an ongoing theatre job, leave on the Weekly Journal until the whole job is complete and paid for
  2. Otherwise, delete relevant invoice number from Weekly Journal’s list of Invoices