Introduction to ACT sabbaticals

Taking a break from the industry to pursue other things with a view to returning to the agency at a defined point in the future.

If you decide that you need some time away from the agency we can offer you a sabbatical. The way this works is as follows:

  • If you wish to take a Sabbatical we ask that you come to a meeting and present your reasons to the rest of the agency.
  • A Sabbatical shall be a minimum of 3 months with no maximum time limit. Should you need less time than this, it can be discussed with the Overview Team.
  • We ask that you attend two meetings a year during the sabbatical and the Christmas and Summer parties if possible.
  • We ask that there is contact every three months between yourself and the rest of the agency, just to keep in touch.
  • Whilst on Sabbatical you shall not appear on the agency’s website, nor shall we actively search for work for you.
  • We may take on a clash while you are away, however, you are guaranteed your place back.
  • If we take on a clash, at point of offer we would tell the new member of the clash so they can make an informed decision about whether they still wish to join us.
  • Whilst on Sabbatical you will continue to pay your subs.
  • The agency will continue to represent you as an actor.
  • We do not expect you to commit to office days.
  • An alternative to a sabbatical would be to leave the agency and get back in touch further down the line if you wish to re-join (previous members may not need to re-audition, but would not be guaranteed a place in the future).
  • The members application to re-join would be subject to a meeting prior to agreeing the members return/re-audition.

What the Agent of the Day needs to do when a client takes a Sabbatical

Once the agency has agreed to a Client’s Sabbatical, there are a number of technical steps which should be taken by the Agent of the Day

  • The client’s headshot should be removed from the ‘Clients’ page of the Website
  • The client’s Tagmin availability should be updated to note that the client is ‘Unavailable’ for the dates agreed
  • – NB. the ‘end’ of the sabbatical may be a ‘Review’ date, meaning Tagmin availability may need to be updated after the review.

  • The Client should be removed from any email lists (ACT group, Teams etc.) unless they have specifcally asked to be kept on them