SAL (the Special Attention List)

This list contains the names of Contacts (e.g. Producers, Production companies, Casting Directors etc.) with whom we’ve had concerning experiences, that have lead us to conclude that careful thought should be given to working with them.

The specific details will be outlined in the Tagmin record for each one, so that a client, and the agents of the day, can consider these before making a decision about any offer of a meeting or a job. In an ideal world, this consideration would be made before submission, but clearly this isn;t always possible.

Before adding someone to this list, please make notes about your concerns in the Tagmin Contact record – including your initials and the date – and also edit the Contact’s name by adding the suffix SAL e.g. ‘Questionable Theatre Company’ becomes ‘ Questionable Theatre Company SAL’.

Simon Gross (Simon Gross Productions)

Lazarus Theatre

Hurricane Theatre (Hurricane Productions Ltd)

Ha Ha Films Ltd (MJ Morgan)