Self Tapes and the YouTube playlist


During our Monday Meeting we will aim to watch the collective self tapes of the previous two weeks. This way we get to learn about each other as performers as well as hone our own skills by seeing each others’ work, practice and standards. We use a YouTube playlist to collate the videos for a viewing on a Monday Night Meeting.

Members upload tapes for all sorts of reasons. You may want feedback, you may think it shows you off well, it may introduce us to a part of your skillset you think we could do with seeing or it could be just for the lols. Whatever the reason, follow the instructions here.

What to do

  • Send your self tape to CD
  • Let the office know you have sent your tape
  • Upload to our YouTube playlist

How to

Uploading your tape to Youtube

  • Login to ACT Chrome account (if you are logged into the Chrome Browser as ACT it will automatically log into YouTube as ACT)
  • Go to YouTube
  • Click on the ACT icon on the upper right and choose YouTube Studio
  • Click CREATE (with camera icon, next to ACT logo)
  • Click Upload videos
  • Drag and drop the video(s) you’d like to add
  • ‘Details’ screen will come up… scroll down to Playlists.
    • Check in the drop down if someone has created a playlist for the next meeting date
    • If you’re adding the first self-tape since the last meeting, click new playlist and name it ‘Meeting Date Self-Tapes’.
    • IMPORTANT! It should be labelled ‘unlisted’- not private or public
    • Tick that playlist and ‘done’
  • Just underneath playlist in ‘Audience’, tick ‘No, it’s not made for kids’
  • Click ‘Next’ (blue box, bottom right) three times, which will take you to the visibility screen. Here you’ll see a thumbnail of your video and options for how you’d like to Save or publish.
  • Again, tick ‘unlisted’ and then save (blue box, lower right)

If you are AOD on the Monday before a Meeting…

  • AODs will find playlist link for the Meeting Preview here:
  • Click on the ACT icon on the upper right and choose ‘Your Channel’
  • Select ‘playlists’ from the top menu.
  • Click ‘VIEW FULL PLAYLIST’ under the correct week
  • Click the share arrow
  • Copy the link that pops up and paste into the meeting preview and the chair should be able to play the list smoothly!