ACT Commission Rates Sliding Scale


As a general rule our commission rates are 10% for live performance and 12.5% for recorded media

These should to most jobs paid at industry standard rates; however, as a co-op we want to ensure that all of our client’s are paid at least a Living Wage. We therefore apply a sliding scale of Commission rates based on either the daily or weekly rate of pay. This article helps you to understand how much commission to charge on an invoice item and, as a client, when you will pay commission and how much.

The Commission Rate Sliding Scale explains our rates of commission, from 0-10% for live performance and 0-12.5% for recorded media. This is a constantly evolving scale as it is based on Equity rates and ensuring the client takes home London Living Wage at the very least. It is managed and updated by the Ican team.

The Sliding Scale spreadsheet is useful when

  • Creating an Invoice, as it helps you to determine the correct rate of commission
  • When you are evaluating the worth of a job as a client, as you will see how much you pay your agent

The current Sliding Scale spreadsheet can be found here.

What to do

  1. Work out what the actor is getting paid
    • Theatre – per week
    • Recorded Media – per day
    • Live Performance One Off (e.g. role play) – per day
  2. Choose the commission rate that is applies

How to understand it

  • The Spreadsheet is laid out in three colour coded sections, relating to Theatre, Recorded Media and Live Performance (One Offs).
    • Make sure you are referencing the correct section
  • Look at the fee for the job and find the corresponding range within column A of the spreadsheet
  • Look across the same row and apply the commission specified in column B
    • NB: We do not charge commission on Recall Fees, Wardrobe fees or Expenses