Subbing in Spotlight

What to do 

  1. Keep up to date with Spotlight Jobs Feed throughout the day 
  2. Sub, sub, sub 
  3. Push often when appropriate 
  4. Check the Spotlight Messages link throughout the day. 

How to do 

  1. Access Spotlight through our homepage or here, by clicking on the Spotlight icon.  
  2. Go to the Jobs Feed.  
  3. Check the closing dates/times and start with the most time sensitive subs. Read the sub carefully and using TagMin’s filter function check for the availability and skills of our clients, using the Preference Grid to cross reference where necessary.  
  4. If this falls under a please check on either the Preference Grid and TagMin  or you are unsure about some element of the breakdown, contact the client using their contact preferences and ask if they’d like to be subbed.  
  5. When you are satisfied submit clients  
  6. Follow up with a push if someone is perfect for a role. 
  7. Keep checking this feed throughout the day. 

For a more detailed article, see ACT Submission Guide.