Tagmin Overview

TagMin is the main piece of software we use to run the agency. It’s directly linked with Spotlight and offers a database, streamlined solution to the daily tasks when running an agency.  

The system allows us to do multiple things, keeping all key information stored in one place: 

  • Client Profile Pages – These link directly to Spotlight and contain playing age, main headshot, native accent and contact details, a link to your Spotlight CV as well as a huge list of performance preferences, skills, legal and financial information.  
  • Within the Client Profile Pages, we log:  
  • Tasks that help us deal with the day to day running of the agency. 
  • Contacts – Contact details and notes for any theatre company, film production company, casting director, director and producer that any members of the agency have contacted, met or worked with. These also link to the above information, for example, if a client has a casting for Belinda Norcliffe this will show on the Client Profile Page as well as on Belinda’s Contact Page.

TagMin is something we use every day and will be one of the first things you’ll open when in the office and one of the last things you’ll close at the end of the day.