TOM (The Online Manual)

Table of contents


TOM is what we call The Online Manual. It is our reference guide, separated into numerous articles and completely specific to the running of ACT. The purpose of TOM is to get the information you need to give us a consistent set of behaviours as AODs. Our desire it that it is an increasingly useful tool, for which we all need to take responsibility for updating with relevant information.


A typical TOM article is structured in three sections.

  1. Introduction: A paragraph or two that explains why the article is important to ACT
  2. What to do: An ordered list of what to do. You may know how to make an invoice for example, but you just need to know the ordered steps in which to do things and to be able to check you haven’t missed anything.
  3. How to: This is a detailed step by step breakdown of the actions you need to take and how to do them

Author and Editing

TOM is overseen by the Training Team and the majority is written by that team. There are some articles that are written by other teams at the request of the Training Team, for example the Instagram articles written by the Marketing Team.

If an article is misleading, incomplete or you have a suggestion for a new article, please let the Training Team know. This is easily done within TOM by selecting the Green Chat icon, which can be found in the bottom right hand corner of every TOM article or in the corner of the ACT Links page. This will send a message to the Training Team, who can make the necessary changes.

If you find a broken link in an article, please use the “Any broken links?” icon at the bottom of each article. This will let the IT Team know that a fix needs to be made.

N.B. TOM articles display very clearly on phones, so should you find it irksome to keep switching between tabs when following instructions, you could always follow the instructions from your phone by typing in the article address in your phone’s browser.