What to do 

As a daily routine:  

  1. Log into our twitter account 
  2. Scroll through our feed  
  3. Write at least one Tweet. 

We should be present on Twitter every day. 

How to do 

You can find the link to Twitter on the ACT Links page or here. Our Twitter feed, appears like a sequence of news items. 

  1. Find tweets from companies/casting directors we follow (or from our clients) and “like” them and/or retweet.  
    • Can we make an endorsing comment when we retweet? 
  2. Tweet something about what our clients are doing, or find an inspirational quote. Do this by clicking in the “What’s Happening” box and type away. 
  3. Using the hashtag symbol (#) before a word means that anyone searching that word on Twitter (e.g. #acting) will be able to see your tweet (and any other Tweet that has the same hashtag in it). Doing this will mean that our Tweets are more likely to be seen by more than just the people who “follow” us on Twitter. 
  4. You can also tag other accounts by including their name in your tweet – e.g. “Congrats to our lovely client @pamidiva for her work in @casualty”.  Make sure you have the tagged account correctly spelt so it links up.