WhatsApp Web Instructions

Whatsapp has become an increasingly useful tool of communication for us as an agency. We have our Agency-wide Group, ACT – Fun Things, but we also are able to send quick information, including full breakdown briefs to those clients who prefer Whatsapp as there primary communication method.  

The entirety of the agency list Whatsapp as their first or second communication preference in the preference grid.

WhatsApp Web is a way of getting our individual WhatsApp’s on our web browser, usually most useful for copy and pasting purposes. Don’t worry! Only you will see your WhatsApp messages! 

What to do  

  1. Sync your phone and browser with WhatsApp Web 
  2. Make sure you check the Preference Grid for how clients wish to receive communications 
  3. Send and receive WhatsApp messages and files 

How to do it 

  1. Follow the WhatsApp Web link from the ACT-links page 
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone 
  3. Tap Menu on Android or Settings on iphone 
    • Menu on Android is the three dots 
    • Settings on iphone is the cog at the bottom right of the screen 
  4. Select WhatsApp Web/Desktop 
    • This will open your camera (you may need to give permission for camera access on first time) 
  5. Hold your camera so it can see the square QR code on the browser of your computer 
  6. Enjoy (and make use of) WhatsApp on your computer!