Yay.com – the ACT telephone

Our telephone is a VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) service with the nunmber 020 8050 7462 provided by Yay.com


  • Click the Yay link on the ACT links page will open a browser tab for the number
    • You may be shown a login page that looks – in which case click ‘Login as a member’
  • This will take you to a 2nd login page in which with ACT details should be auto-filled.
    • Click Login on this and you are unlikely to see the above page again.

When the YAY.com browser tab is open.

  • Your PC / tablet / phone will ring if someone calls the agency number
    • The browser app is not optimised for mobile – so might work ok, but…
  • Both Agents-of-the-Day can have Yay tabs open at the same time
    • If someone rings the office number, both Agent’s devices will ring
    • Only one can answer
  • To answer the phone, select the Yay tab and click the phone icon
    • Other fairly self-explanatory options (e.g. mute etc.) are available, adjacent to the phone icon
  • To make a call, either enter or ‘paste’ the number into the search bar (top left) or select the keypad and dial

Our current plan with Yay does not support a ‘Phonebook’ or saved Contacts.

  • Phone numbers for clients and Contacts can be copied from Tagmin

NB. We do not have many Free Minutes – so, only use the phone to dial out if you need to hide your own number. 

If we miss a call, it will be sent to our voicemail. The recording will then be forwarded to our Email.