What we can expect from you…

ACT is only as strong, productive and effective as the members themselves. Your individual contributions is a benefit to you and everyone else.

Supplementary to our contract, we have a list of the top ten commitments that we make to each other. (This list is not comprehensive so do make sure you know your contract.) A copy of the current contract can be found here.

  • Teams: We are required to offer our services to two teams  
    • Overview is an invite only team made up of Team Leaders, OH and JA (for rota/subs/missing Mondays) 
    • A team may have a Working Group when working on a specific project 
  • Financials on Joining: A refundable contribution of £100 for training 
  • Monthly Subs: We each pay £20 per month towards the running of the agency, the way in which this money is used is under constant review. 
  • Office Days: We offer three full days of office work. Work may excuse you for the three office days if ALL three of the following criteria are met.   
    1. The work is full time 
    2. The work is acting Work 
    3. The work is represented by the agency 
  • Monday Meetings: If you miss three Monday meetings in a row, you are required to give a full explanation. (Overview will discuss who you give that explanation to and if apologies given in comms are sufficient.) 
  • Minutes: You are expected to read the minutes and fulfil the actions set.  
  • Quorum: It takes eight full members to carry a vote to make a decision. 
  • Refresher Days: You need to have one refresher training day when you have been away from office for two months or more.  
  • Discipline: There is a discipline procedure if needed, which takes the form of two written warnings followed by a disciplinary panel.  
  • Comms: Communication is vital to the health of a community and we are responsible to communicating appropriately in a full and timely manner. Don’t make the agency chase you and know that you are only going to find supportive Team Leaders whatever you have to communicate. 
    • Keep us up to date with your availability via the TagMin Client link/app or by talking through the details with Overview or the AOD.  
    • Let us know if your contact preferences change.  
    • Keep you Spotlight CV up to date with credits, recent headshots and up to date showreels.  
    • Keep us informed of any work that you do not want to or cannot do.  
    • Respond as quickly as possible to confirm castings, jobs, availability checks etc.  
    • Let us know if you’d like us to promote you in anything.  
    • Let us know if you’d like us to push you for anything.  
    • Basically, keep us up to date and don’t be scared to ask us anything!