What you can expect of your agents…

There are huge benefits to being a part of a co-op largely to do with us having an increased sense of working as a team. We all want the very best for your acting career. We want it to go in a direction you want it to go in. We want to support you in improving your skills as well as learning new abilities. We want this for you because we also want to be part of a team that wants that for us.  

Here are some of the things that your agents commit to you: 

  • We will submit for work for which we think you are suitable and available, always taking into account what work you want to do. 
  • We will push you for work that specifically fits your skill set and aims as an actor. 
  • We will negotiate your contracts and organise payment for work, chasing any late payments on your behalf. 
  • We will support you by being around to help you with any difficulties you come against as an agent. 
  • We will support you by watching your work and offering you support and guidance in developing your skills. 
  • We will promote your work via Social Media, Email Campaigns and the ACT website
  • We will respond to your guidance about the direction you want your career to go.