Not So Quiet on the Welsh Front

…and not so quiet for our client, Oliver Hume, who on July 18th will be in this on-line play about the relationship between a G.I. and a woman from Bethnal Green during World War II. Oliver will also be part of a Q & A afterwards.

More information can be found here

OLIVER HUME, who plays the role of Humphrey the Teddy Bear in our radio play for the @ReadingFringeFestival Ollie’s experience as a radio actor includes Dalek Empire III, …Ish, Light At The End (Big Finish Productions), Richard III (BBC), WolfSong (BBC Pebble Mill).

His theatre experience includes productions for Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, Guildford Shakespeare Company, Birmingham Stage Company and Riverside Studios, amongst numerous others.

Natalie (the writer of the prodution) sent Oliver the script of Not So Quiet on the Welsh Front because she thought he’d make an excellent Teddy Bear. He didn’t feel he could argue with that and on reading the rest of the script, and being very moved by it, was delighted to be offered the part!